I think I might be getting one...

  1. My boyfriend has been watching me browse these forums and knows that I am in love with these bags. I really like the city, purse, and shopping styles.. but I know they're discontinued.. except I see the purse coming back in 07? Or, I thought I saw that somewhere..

    Anyways, he's going to be in NY and maybe stop by the store, unfortunately I can't go with him but..

    I was just wondering what colors these styles come in?? Thanks for the help in advance.:drool:

    p.s. I think he wants one for himself.. so he might want to check out/know about the men's styles, if anyone has info on those.
  2. Check out ateleirnaff.com. You can learn so much on that site! I have a City and Purse and love them both! Good Luck with your search!
  3. Hey, the only discontinued styles are purse, shopper and box...the rest u still can find it....to know more abt bal styles, MRG has mentioned to visit the atelier.naff website....:smile:
  4. The City is not d/c. I HIGHLY rec the City style :yes: It's just perfect - not too big, not too small, comes w/a shoulder strap, slouches perfectly.. ah, it's just gorgeous :p
  5. I agree with Verty. The city is a good style to start because of the versatility.
  6. :nuts:wow, fast responses.

    i shouldve mentioned that i have already look at the website that was recommended, but i don't know which colors go with the purse, etc. or the city for that matter.. does balenciaga release the city in all the colors for that season? i guess that would be a better question to ask.
    i've also already looked at the japanese website, as well.. is that all the colors they come in?
    basically i'm just overwhelmed by all the colors!!!

    like.. i love the color in verte's icon, is that the menthe color? i don't know!!
  7. i totally agree that the city is a good "first bbag" style. :smile:

    lucky you! i could never convince my boyfriend to carry a bbag. :/
  8. i think he's looking for like a messenger type thing..
    haha not the city ;D that would be funny.. i would have to borrow it ALL THE TIME .. or, even if he gets a messenger i would still borrow for school i think
  9. Me!? :biggrin: It's the color "Vert D'eau", BalNY calls it "Seagreen", I believe & Ahola Rag calls it "Mint" :yes: Very confusing, I agree! Oh & it's from this season & still available!

    I'm not sure about the purse style, but the majority of o7 colors come in the City style - some may be sold out and or harder/easier to find than others, though :smile: Colors from before o7 are harder to find (except for some o6's that can still be found at BalNY, AR for ex)... if there's any before o6 you want you'd probably have to check places like eBay & Anne's Fabulous Finds:jammin: Hope that somewhat answered your questions lol I'm still a newbie myself!