I think I may NEED a Slate Suede Leigh

  1. I really didn't think I liked any of the new stuff, but the more I look at the Embossed Suede Leigh in Slate, the more I think I may need one!!! Does anyone have it? pics?

    Also, if I get it now, don't take the tags off - can I 'return' it & re-purchase during the next PCE ??? I'd wait, but last time I did that I missed out on the Pond Legacy Shoulder bag!:cursing:
  2. Ask your SA if it will be advailable during the next PCE. If your SA is willing to go through with the price exchange then do it your way. If he/she says it won't be advailable get it now. Plus if you get it now then you can pick the best one.
  3. I have the "little Leigh" (technically the shoulder bag). It might give you a better idea of what the color etc. looks like IRL. I absolutely :heart: it.
    suede1.jpg suede2.jpg suede3.jpg suede4.jpg suede5.jpg
  4. slate is such a nice color. I am not sure if they will let you buy and then return tho.