I think I may like the color Slate better....

  1. in the Lena/Sloane rather than the Meredith!
    I wonder if they make the Lena in Slate.
    I love this color. Maybe tomorrow I'll find my slate bag!
    I'll report back if I go!
  2. I know they make the Lena in the slate but not sure about the Sloane.
  3. Haven't seen the Sloane but I have the Lena in Slate, really pretty grey color and the leather is smoochy smooth. But if you get it, spray it with leather protector immediately! It gets water stained easily.
  4. The slate color is TDF. Amazing color.
    But you're right - you have to protect it immediately - it's like some of the older leathers that stained very easily. Sounds like a job for Wilsons Protectant??
  5. Where can I find Wilsons Protectant - I definitely want to protect the Slate Lena before wearing it - thanks!!
  6. Go to www.wilsonsleather.com. It's called TLC and comes in a plastic silver pump spray 4 oz. bottle for $8.95. Sloane does come in slate - beautiful bag.