I think I may have made a mistake...

  1. Ok, I am having trouble deciding on my podium order. I have a couple of days left.... At first I thought brown...then gray...now I'm unsure. I only have one bag with gold hardware. So, now, I think maybe black w/gold hardware...or raisin w/gold. Help! My SA is going to think I'm a nut!
  2. Could you remind me what your order was?:heart:

    Is all the PH in your collection based on preference or opportunity ( in other words you loved the bag as a whole and hw was not a factor?)

    I think if you love PH more than GH you should stay with what you love.

    If you're stuck between grey and brown....is etoupe an option or maybe gris tourterelle?

    Although... I do have to say Raisin is a great color and one of my favs, it is not necessarliy a year round one...
  3. I asked for dark gray w/ pal. But, the more I think about it, I'm unsure. The ones I own are...35gold/g, 35red/pal, chartruse (sp?)JPGw/pal, 30 turquoise w/pal, bj kellyw/pal/ and a rose drangee lindy w/pal. Yipes! Most of the bags...were the way that I wanted them.
  4. wow. since you don't have black maybe black would be nice. i just got a flash of a dark grey bag with light grey inside and matching piping though. doesn't that sound delish?
  5. GM, your SA is not going to think you're a nut; they're used to this crazy process. It's definitely hard. Because you don't have black, I'd go with the black with GH; you can't go wrong with this classic combination, and I honestly think you'll be very happy with your decision once it arrives. Let us know what you decide!
  6. Thanks so much. I think you're right. I've got color...I need a more neutral bag. And, if I were to do the gray...I think you're right...it needs a punch.
  7. Black with etoupe lining? Or is that a special order, not a podium order? Black box with etoupe lining...
  8. If you don't want black...how about graphite? It is a very dark neutral.
  9. This will have to be a special order.
  10. black w/GH is so gorgeous and classic. :tup:
  11. Which shade of grey is this? Adroise? It is Adroise, I think it's gorgeous with GHW.
  12. I think it was graphite. I think the thing is....I've never seen one in person. I am having serious second thoughts. Maybe I should hoof it over to the boutiqe and take a peek at Adroise.
  13. Both Graphite and Adroise are very similar. I have only seen Adroise Box in a leather swatch, and not in bag, so I can't really make an acute comparison between the 2 at this point. But I recall my manager telling me that since I have a Graphite Box, I should not even think about Adroise Box.
  14. based on the bags that you already have, I'd highly recommend a black 30 with gold hw. This is one gorgeous & classic combo that you will cherish for a long time! :heart:

  15. I second this suggestion--you need one serious classic go with anything bag (gray can be tricky)............