I think I may have a problem. . . .new purchases

  1. I just got my new venetia during the Nordies anniversary sale, which i already posted pics of...and just purchased a zip clutch in black (w/ gold hardware-w/ the flash it doesn't show as well) which matches perfectly with my venetia! (I couldn't resist...was suppose to wait for an FF) and I also got the MbyMJ Dr. Groove bag in bordeaux! (excuse the flowery blanket - took them in my little sisters room) No more purchases for me for a while..

  2. Nice! Love the groove!
  3. Love the zip clutch! congrats on all the new purchases!
  4. Oh my, I love all three of those! You mean "problem" in the best sense of the word, right? ;)
  5. haha yes - can't seem to control my impulsive buys lately.
  6. Gorgeous - I see no problem! :nuts:
  7. Wow, great bags! I want one Venetia now!!!
  8. You've got 3 winners there!! Love them all!
  9. Gorgeous! I love the matching Venetia and clutch.
  10. Love the bordeaux groove!!
  11. The bordeaux groove is so beautiful! Congrats on your new purchases!
  12. Beautiful bags, love them all, congrats.
  13. You have great taste! I like the pic of the ZC in your Venetia. Love them all! Congrats on your purchases :smile:
  14. problem? what problem?? the only "problem" you have is great taste!
  15. wow..great MJ purchases! congrats!