I think I may have a Leopard Stephen on the way!!

  1. For the next couple of weeks me and my fiancee won't be able to see each other, i'm away for a few days, he's away as well and we're gonna miss each other like crazy!!

    I've been talking about the Leopard Stephen since I first saw the pics of Kate Moss modelling it, and then I was even more crazy for it when I saw Jessica Simpson with it!

    We said our goodbyes this morning and he said I would be getting a surprise when we're back together, I asked him to give me a clue what it may be, and he replied that he knows I'm gonna really love it, so fingers crossed it's a Leopard Stephen!!

    I'll have to post pics when I get it!
  2. Wow!! What a great guy you've got there!!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!
  3. Hoping it will be yours! :yes:
  4. I hope it will be urs :smile:
  5. Could be an awesome gift :smile: good luck!
  6. Keeping my fingers crossed for u....
  7. WOW - Good luck!!! Can't wait to see what you get.
  8. It's very sweet of him to suprise you with anything, but a POLLY would be the best gift ever!! :yahoo:

    Here's to nice men/S.Os :drinks:

    PS you have good taste in men.
  9. Hoping that your wish comes true :flowers:
  10. Ooh ooh congrats!
  11. Any new news on this HOT bag ?

  12. keeping my fingers crossed for you! Keep asking for hints hehe but be sneaky :rolleyes:
  13. I hope he doesn't just get naked and say 'surprise!' ;)
  14. Would that really be so bad? :graucho:
  15. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Stephen is on his way! :yahoo: