I think I may go insane....

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  1. I am dying for a pair of the Chanel Cambon ballet flats...all of a sudden, out of the blue....I don't think I can live without them!!!! Anyone have ideas on where to purchase other than Ebay????? TIA
  2. The NM in Plano at the Shops of Willowbend had them last I checked, have you called a NM for them to check for you?
  3. After much ado...and a huge hunt, I am proof that persistance pays off!!! I think I called everywhere (except Bergdorf's), in the US...no shoes. Went to Chanel here, and the SA looked amused and told me they had been sold out for MANY months, so i took matters into my own hands, and called every Chanel store in HK, and tracked down 1 pair...that happened to be the white with black C's (which is what I wanted), and almost in my size!!! They are a 37, I usually take a 37 1/2....but I am going to make them work. I think a 38 would have been too big, because my heel already slips easily enough in these. Anyway...love them!!! Yay!!!!!
  4. anyone know how much is it?because i was looking for it too in these couple days
  5. hey how about that..
    i was just thinking i wanted a pink pair.. they were on sale...i know
    anybody got suggestions on where to get a pink pair
    37 1/2 to 38
    do they run small, big or true to size- I never wanted a pair nor i never tried them on.... lol
  6. Try 1.800.558.1855 Ask for Susan. I ordered a pair a month or so ago and was told they are scheduled to ship mid December.