I think I may go buy an East West Flap today but I have a question...

  1. Before the price increase I think I may go grab one. I keep looking at it when I am at the store so obviously I am drawn to it. I do think it's too small for the day time but it will be so cute for night. I have my Medallion that I use for the day and then my mother (who always lets me come and borrow her bags yippie) has the GST and just got the Jumbo.

    But I have a question. Do some of the East West Flaps have back pockets? I don't think I have ever seen one IRL that does but I saw an eBay auction for a real one that did and someone else mentioned that some of them do! So is that true? Now I am so confused!
  2. nope the e/w does not have backpockets, i don't think any of them do...=] enjoy the bag its so cute! :heart:
  3. Great choice, I found it very similar in size inside to my medium flap actually, because it didnt have the flaps taking up any room :smile:. I could have easily used mine for the days when I just needed keys, wallet phone and lipgloss, so I would definately get one if you can, its a gorgeous bag :biggrin:
  4. E/W does not have back pocket, but it is a great bag. You can adjust the chain and turn it into a clutch. What color are you planning on getting?
  5. I think you should get the e/w. It's so cute!
  6. You should get the E/W. It's a really cute looking bag and definitely chic for evening time especially with a cocktail dress. Although IMO it's a bit small for me in terms of functionality since I carry a lot of junks in my bag therefore I don't own one. But don't let me discourage you from getting one yourself. It's a worth it bag.
  7. i was going to get one, white with a modern chain, but ended up returning it. yeah, it's super cute, but i need a bigger purse for my lifestyle.
  8. The newest e/w's do have back pockets, so I was told by Marilyn Chong at NM Tysons. I just bought a beige lamb one and said how I wished they had the pocket. She said the black caviar they just got in has the back pocket and assumes all future ones will have it.
  9. Yeah they now have back pockets which is great! I was upset though because they had none left in the back at NM today. Only the one on the floor and it wasn't in good condition. So I took home the Medium/Large size instead and I really think it's nice but I just can't justify paying $600 more than the E/W when it fits just about the same and the Medium/Large is only $200 cheaper than the Jumbo so I may as well get the Jumbo then ya know? But I am looking for a smaller bag for night. So I am hoping to find the E/W at another store tomorrow.
  10. ITA.....I wish the medium wasn't SO expensive because it is my fave size but what you say is true, it holds the same amount as the e/w so why NOT get another jumbo for $200 more.
  11. Yeah exactly! I have been playing around with the Medium sized one in front of the mirror and I really do love it. I think it actually may look better on than the E/W but it shouldn't be as pricey as it is! The E/W is still $1395 and the Medium should be no more than $1600-1700 tops! It doesn't even make sense that there is only a $200 difference between the Medium and the Jumbo. (Sigh) I don't know what I should do!!!! My mother has the Jumbo which I can borrow so I don't need one and I want a smaller flap anyway for night time. But is the Medium worth it?? $2000 and I can barely fit anything in it hahaha.
  12. The e/w definitely has a back exterior pocket. I bought one from Harrods a few weeks ago and it had one.
  13. As you probably know the e/w chain can be shortened. Even without shortening it, I find myself grabbing it by the top (it's caviar) because it's so lightweight. I may alter my grabbing by the top when I use the lambskin ones -- just for the sake of hopefully keeping them cleaner longer.