I think I may exchange my Carly (help please!)

  1. I have the Lg Khaki/Saddle Carly and think she's just beautiful. Honestly.


    I got her the first weekend of PCE and she still has her tags. I haven't even thought to grab her. To me, that says this is a bag that I love looking at, but the style may not be for me. At least maybe not the color.

    I like the larger size, but I'm thinking that there's a reason that I lack any signature pieces in khaki, and that I carry signature pieces less and less. I used to love it, but in my current hometown, it feels and looks showy. I admit it.

    I think I like the chocolate signature Carly, but then again I just bought a whiskey Ali. That should last me with a brown bag. Also, how well has the fabric held up over the winter for everyone that has them?

    Any suggestions on what to do? I'm seeing several options:

    1. Keep the Carly, pray I feel like using her.
    2. Totally return with no exchange (and make my credit cards a bit happier)
    3. Exchange the Carly for the chocolate signature
    4. Exchange the Carly for something else.

    I've been thinking about this, and really the only things I may want are: Patent Ergos (but I have the red hobo and mahogany tote. I don't need another bag, particularly since it's the mahogany hobo I'm lusting over), white Ali (but too impractical... and I do. not. need. 5 Alis. period.), Lg Ergo Totes (but they're at the outlets).

    I'm stumped.
  2. Two words.....chocolate...signature. The color is completely different from the whiskey Ali (not so much so with the khaki Carly you have now) and it's just one damn hot bag.
  3. hmmmm Keep what you know you love and will use! I am not a sig fan either. I prefer classic understated, quietly elegant or sophisticated. (BUT I NEEEEED 5 Ali's!)
  4. If you aren't totally in love-return it! One thing you can always count on is more new bags coming from Coach. When the right one comes along you will know it.
  5. get the choco carly, i got her on saturday. i love her rich brown color, which is totally different from the whiskey. you will love her, the c's are not so conspicuous in the brown.
  6. +1 on the chocolate Carly!
  7. I agree with LIBlue.

    I originally ordered the Carly in Khaki/Saddle for PCE, but when I saw the chocolate color, I HAD to change my order!

    I do not regret it (see avatar and signature...LOL).

    But, like LIBlue said, when the right one comes along, you will know it!:yes:

    When I first tried on the Carly and left, I couldn't stop thinking about it...like a sickness!:drool:
  8. I just went on a Coach binge, so I've got to reign myself in.

    4 Alis (1 suede, 3 leather), 2 shoulder bags, patent ergo, patent hobo, ergo tote, denim signature stripe collection...

    So it's no wonder that I haven't grabbed Carly yet. But a girl just doesn't need it all...
  9. Surely you jest... :p
  10. I am your ban buddy and should not encourage but since it would be an exchange I would get the chocolate carly. I love the color.

    But get nothing else when you go in to get her :lecture:
  11. Well I bought the same khaki Carly. At first i would have to admit that I wasn't sure because I never buy signature pieces or even coach. I usually prefer higher end pieces. I really fell in love with the hardware on the bag and the slouch of the large. The color is so versitile that I wore a sundress and these Gucci espadrilles and the bag looked great with it. As for the fabric it is tough and durable. I tend to use this bag with jeans out and about in town. My higher end bags when actually going somewhere or not with the kids. it's nice because I wanted a bag with the children that I didn't have to worry so much about but yet still looked great. Now it's true you have to decide what you will like. The chocolate is nice but it seems everyone seems to be buying it.
  12. My thoughts exactly!! :tup: Let me tempt you
    and the pics don't even do her justice!!
  13. Wow... I am drooling.

    I've officially decided that I am going to take her back. Now it's just return or exchange. (I think)
  14. I'd definately say chocolate signature Carly. You already have 4 Alis, the Carly you have looks too "showy" for you, (the chocolate is a little more subtle), and there's really no other bags from what you described that you really want, so go for it!
  15. I always liked the Carly, but not being a signature person, I never bought one. I told myself I'd have to get one if they came out with a chocolate/chocolate... and sure enough! I adore it! The Cs are so subtle, and the color is just gorgeous. It can be brightened with a scarf, or used alone. As far as the comment about "everyone" buying them, I disagree. I think there are a LOT more of the khaki colored out there. Snatch it up while you can!