I think I made a shipping error!

  1. I just reccently started mobilizing my bags on eBay (to make room for new ones!). The first one I sold, I fedex'd it overnight (upon request) and everything went smooth.

    Then came another designer bag that sold for much less than I anticipated (oh well). Here is the senario: Winner paid for the bag at night. The next morning I woke up with the flu with a fever (40 degrees). I FORCED myself to go to the post office and mail the bag. I don't know what I was thinking, but with the throbbing head, the watery eyes and the fever...I mailed the package Parcel Post. I did not insure it. I only got delivery confirmation. It was a huge box. I take extra care with packaging and making sure the bag is stuffed and padded!

    I went back to bed and did not think about it until now.

    So, I am sure it will take a long time to get there. It ended up costing me half of what the buyer paid for shipping. Should I wait? Should I contact the buyer? Should I apologize and send a refund of the amount she paid for shipping?
    I want to do what is right and fair for the buyer. I also DO NOT want any neg feedback because I am just starting to build my eBay reputation.
  2. I would write the buyer and let them know what method it was shipped so they know it will take a bit longer and send them a refund for the overpayment on shipping.

    ETA - does delivery confirmation come with a tracking number? If so, I'd send them that number as well.
  3. ITA!
  4. Thanks for the advice. I do feel that I must refund the buyer the difference. If I do that through paypal, will there be any fees deducted from her end? I am still learning the ropes!
  5. No, no fees at her end (click on the 'refund' link within the details of the original payment). Paypal will reimburse you partial fees based on the amount you refund.
  6. Ok, thanks !!!!!!
  7. I let the buyer know I made a mistake & tell them once they receive the item and am happy with it, I will refund the overcharge.
  8. Ok so here is an update....I felt so bad when I realized this error, I contacted the buyer and explained everything. Because it is my fault, I REFUNDED ALL SHIPPING COST (not just the overcharge)..and told her the shipping is on me. So I think its enough to demonstrate good intentions, right??? :sad:

    It has been 9 days now and no bag...so she wants a refund. I have no problem giving her the money back, but my question is: WHAT HAPPENS TO THE BAG??? it is still en route-- if she receives it, she is not going to pay for it to be shipped back to me!! How do I ensure my bag will come back to me? :shrugs:

    How can I approach this so I get my bag back, she gets her money and no one gets neg'd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sometimes parcel post can take over 2 weeks!
    Also you may want to contact the buyer's local post office, go to the usps website post office locator:
    The buyer's local post office should be the first one to appear on the list, click on 'more info' & this will provide that po's direct telephone number. I often call local post offices & many times the package is actually sitting on the shelf waiting to be picked up.
    One time a buyer said she had not received the package, however the post office worker talked to the mail carrier who said he had delivered it and handed it to her directly, he had just forgotten to scan it.
    Also I don't think you can file a missing/lost item with the post office yet as not enough time has passed.
    Where is your buyer located?
  10. Put your delivery confirmation number in here, and you should have the most up to date info on the tracking:

    I would say, that this buyer may see an opening to take advantage of you, since you are new & willing refunded the entire shipping costs!! I don't know what your policies in the auction were, but I wouldn't deviate from them too much... Also, you do not refund anything unless the bag is returned to you!! (If that is even one of your policies....) The bag may take a while for shipment with Parcel Post, so all you can do is wait for it to end up there... EVEN if you did not get insurance - if for any reason it is lost, you can still file a "Lost Package" Claim with USPS... and the package usually turns up a day or two later... ;)

    Good luck!! Don't let her take advantage of you!! There are alot of buyer's out there that will take advantage of seller's... if they see opportunity... :sad:
  11. Do not refund her until you receive a confirmation from post office that package is lost (and you are entitled to receive the refund).

    If you return her the money and the package arrives, there is no way you could have her send the bag back to you if she doesn't want to. You already showed your good intention of giving her shipping fee back. Now best is just wait.
  12. Thanks Westie, bagsof bubbles and lovemyangels.....VERY HELPFUL ADVICE. The seller is now getting very agitated and sending me not so nice emails. I am tracking the package everyday....it only says at accepted at my post office, no further update!
    I will call her local post office. Today would be 10 bussiness days. So, when should I claim for a lost package? The seller is pushing for a refund (she gave me until tommorow). I will just ask her to wait until the end of next week, then I will file a lost package and refund, sound ok??
  13. This is why I only use UPS, they update at every stop. At least you know what state it is in!

    Also, you tell her that when she receives the bag and is displeased then she will have grounds for return. A shipping mistake on your behalf should not be grounds for return. If she fights it and gives you negative feedback then argue it back with eBay. I personally would call her- I am more confrontational though. . .

    Also, I hate to sound like I'm giving you naughty options, but if youre just starting out, worst case scenario is you can start fresh with a new ebayID.
  14. I made the mistake of sending a package to NY from MD via Parcel Post. It took almost 2 weeks to arrive. I would wait just a while longer.
  15. TECHNICALLY a seller has THIRTY days to deliver according to eBays policy! Look up that policy and email it to the buyer. Good luck.