I think I made a big mistake - HELP!

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  1. Hi everyone -

    I think I may have made a really dumb mistake. Hopefully ya'll can tell me if I am overreacting (hopefully so)...

    Ok so I ordered a wallet from a seller on eBay that had no feedback. I was very cautious to do so, but the last time I purchased from a brand new seller I had a great experience, so I proceeded with the purchase. I spoke to the seller via eBay messenger where they provided additional photos prior to buying the item.

    The wallet was purchased via buy it now for $250.00 and the shipping was $23.50. The seller has since marked the item 'Shipped' however there is no tracking number provided. I have purchased items in the past for a few dollars that have had tracking included before, but an item this pricey doesn't have one? Very strange.

    I don't know if this seller is new and doesn't know what they are doing or what, but I feel weary of this situation now. I sent them a message asking if there was a tracking number a few days ago and have not gotten a reply. Not sure if I should keep contacting them or just wait it out...

    I am starting to get a little nervous that I may not receive the item I purchased, and am starting to become anxious about this whole thing... Did I make a mistake in moving forward with this transaction?

    TY for letting me share 🙃

  2. $23.50 shipping seems high for a wallet. Was it overnight shipping?
  3. ^thats what I was thinking, you can ship a purse for that amount
  4. Some sellers are just more communicative than others, so I wouldn't worry too much about this. Since you have 45 days (I believe it is still that) to file an INR claim, the absolute worst thing that will happen is that you get a full refund since the seller will have to prove delivery with a tracking number.

    Hang tight and give it a few more days before you worry.
  5. +1

  6. It says shipping via USPS Priority Mail, but I am not sure if that always includes tracking? The seller stated they would let me know when they ship but never did. I noticed that the listing was marked 'Shipped', however no tracking was entered. Still no reply from seller...

    The seller is located in Oregon, and I am located in Pennsylvania. It's a Chanel wallet which is also adding to my anxiety at the moment [emoji53]

  7. Will do, thank you so much!

  8. Priority always includes tracking.

    $23.50 for a wallet is quite high for shipping, even with insurance since it's only $250. To ship cross country at most will cost her about $11. To insure will probably cost around $5. You definitely overpaid for shipping and should definitely let others know that in the seller's feedback.

    BTW, if you're feeling antsy, you can file a INR after 7 days. I wouldn't wait the whole 45 days. Usually sellers become communicative when a case is open.
  9. You'll be protected under eBay and paypal's buyer protection so worst case, you'll get your money back easily since there is no tracking to prove delivery.

    As far as the shipping expense, you agreed to pay that amount, excessive or not, when you purchased the item. It is not fair to retroactively punish the seller (via feedback/stars) based on a contract that you willing agreed to. The time for negotiating shipping was prior to the purchase.

    Hope you receive your wallet soon and in promised condition.

  10. Great tip about the 7 days, thank you! And I know that the high shipping cost is not ideal, but I care more about being able to track such a pricey item. I just hope that the seller is new and maybe just forgot to add it to the listing or something? Thanks again for your help 🙃

  11. Great, thank you! And while I know I overpaid for shipping, I am fine with it just as long as I get my item, lol. [emoji4]

  12. Agree here about not waiting 45 days..No reason to.. I'd give the shipping
    7 - 10 days (that should be sufficient time to receive this) & then file your

    As far as the shipping goes, the amount is on the high side, but you agreed
    when you hit the "buy button".

    Let's just hope your wallet arrives & that you are pleased
  13. You can message the seller through EBay and ask them to provide a tracking number. Sometimes people just forget to upload it.
  14. Per OP, she did message and hasn't gotten a response which is making her more nervous.
  15. I agree. Shipping is high for a wallet so I think you overpaid on that but when you hit Buy it Now, you agreed to the shipping costs. But I think you can give less stars if you think shipping costs were too much when you leave feedback. You're still covered by Ebay Protection Policy so you're good if you don't receive it. I shouldn't take more than 7-10 days for it to be delivered across country.

    Give it a few days before you file an INR. She may respond to your message with a tracking number.
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