I think I love LV for very strange reasons...

  1. Honestly, I don't really like any other 'premier designers' apart from LV. They just don't interest me. Also, a lot of really expensive bags seem to be really fragile - the only other designer bag I own apart from my LV's is a Lanvin Kansas - and to be completely honest, I have never seen a bag bruise so easily in all my life! I love it to death but I NEVER carry it because I'm so afraid of scratching it or leaving some kind of mark - it seems to be a magnet for disaster! But then there's Louis Vuitton - I hope this doesn't sound bad, but part of me loves those bags BECAUSE they can take a beating. And trust me, I don't throw my bags around or even treat them badly; I'm just not really the delicate, graceful type. I like being outside and running around, and I almost feel like Louis Vuitton bags were made to do that, too. Anybody else feel that way? I love my Lanvin but I'm thinking of getting rid of it because it's just to delicate for me - I can't justify spending all that money if it never comes out of the closet, you know? Louis Vuitton, on the other hand, I can take out and not worry about!:tup:
  2. it's definitlely one of my major reason for paying more $ for LV coated canvas lol.
  3. I totally agree! I feel like I don't have to baby the coated canvas and epi bags, don't have to worry about spilling stuff on them - it will wipe right off! Once your vachetta patinas, you don't have to worry too too much about water and rain...LV to me is a quality bag that will last me a long time while still looking great!
  4. ^yea, i HATE babying bags! This might sound strange, but whenever I consider buying a new bag, I consider whether or not I can travel with it (I love to travel), and therefore, what weather I can take it out in, what conditions, etc. And I always end up with another Vuitton!
  5. I agree!

    I can carry my LV around anywhere.. but If I were to do that with my coach bags.. ugh! That khaki signature fabric would just draw stains all over it!
  6. I agree also! What's the point of shelling out $$$ for something and then having to BABY it? Shouldn't luxury be effortless? :rolleyes:
  7. I actually use my LV's more than any other bags for exactly this reason. Everytime I use soft leather bags like my coffer I get another scratch. I find the canvas is great but the epi leather is very durable too. :wlae:
  8. I agree 100%! Louis Vuitton is by far, one of the most durable fashion houses out there.

    I sometimes go to the other threads such as Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, etc and I hear so many problems. Bags should be durable, especially when you pay alot.
  9. I'm thinking of buying my first LV--hopefully the Tivoli PM. How concerned should I be about caring for the vachetta? One of the reasons I'm interested in LV is that I worry about my bags and don't want to be overly OCD about this purchase. I do prefer the mono, so the trim will be a concern...hopefully not a big one!
  10. I love my epi passy for that reason, so easy to care for. It is white and I have worn it a few times and never showed dirt. Its gorgeous heavy duty leather. I love damier for that reason too.
  11. I agree. LV is the best! I don't even worry with my CB Pap! Very hardy bags indeed!
  12. Totally agree!!!
  13. I agree! That's why I'm willing to save up and spend the money on a Speedy next year because I've seen people carry some that are 20+ years old and they still look great!

    The best part is that if you want a bag, it's usually going to be around FOREVER (unless you fall in love with an LE piece). With other brands, most bags/styles are pretty limited to a few years/seasons.
  14. Agree - LV is quite durable. I'm an in-betweener...don't baby my bags but I do take good care of them.
  15. I completely agree!!!! I don't need the stress of babying bags. No, I won't throw mine in the mud and I do take good care of them....but I don't want to be obsessing over protecting a bag constantly.