~ i think i know what my first Chanel will be!

  1. hello ladies =) i wanted to share with you all this GORGEOUS chanel handbag that im totally in love with :heart: a girl was carrying it at the salon today and omg i was droooling!!


    so i immediately looked it up on the chanel website.. i've never owned a chanel before but this is IT this has to be miiine :drool: what do you all think?

    oh & does anyone know how much it costs? cuz i cant find that on the website.. thanks!
  2. If you call Chanel's 1-800 # and describe the bag or tell them the style number which is under the description of the pic they can tell you the price and contact a boutique that has it. :yes:
  3. I think it's cute, but not for me.

  4. Same here - but good luck and post pics if you get it.:smile:
  5. This is called the "Madison"and is absolutely gorgeous!A Forumer got it too a couple of weeks ago-I missed on this but I got a bigger size in white lambskin -the one that you like is patent leather and has got the quilting too!I think it's seasonal so you'd better hurry!:yes:
  6. That color is TDF. Good luck on your search.
  7. That is a truly unique "first Chanel bag purchase". Very gorgeous!
  8. It really looks beautiful IRL, good choice!!!
  9. It's beautiful!!!
  10. i love it. its the madison handbag. but not that into it. the style code is in the website, right?
  11. Yep, it's the Madison. My dad just bought that for me in red lambskin. :nuts:
  12. i have that bag, it's cute but the size is rather small for me (my mom in laws got it for me from paris), i can only use it in the evening, for a first time chanel buyer, i suggest you buy the classic quilt bag in black, it goes with everything! Good luck!