I think I know the answer, but all help appreciated!

  1. Well, it seems like it is my turn to run into eBay problems. I have sold an expensive item and the winning bid came from someone with zero feedback. I received an almost incomprehensible email insisting that he would be picking up the item as he too lives in London and will bring cash.

    I sent a polite response immediately explaining that as per my listing, I will only accept Paypal and send items to confirmed addresses. Alas, I am not willing to accept personal pickups/cash payments etc.

    I just got another email from him saying that it is his right to pick it up because it is quicker and he will get to see the item before committing. Hmmm. He also asked if the item still had its plastic cover on it as it was listed as 'used'.

    A second, polite (albeit through gritted teeth response) from me in which I repeated my terms in the listing about Paypal/confirmed addresses. I also added that as the listing made clear, the item was used and in good condition, but in order to use it, I had to remove the plastic cover! I also asked if he could advise whether he intended to honour his commitment to buy.

    I received a very aggressive response saying he was entitled to insist on a cash pick up and ranting at me. I have a feeling this is going to get nasty and would like to be prepared with my exact position - I am pretty sure I can refuse a cash pick-up, but am I right before I get all stubborn?
  2. To be honest with you, I would not want direct contact with a buyer who is so aggressive. If your listing does not say pick up then they have no right to insist. I always feel a little wary of meeting buyers in person. I did it once and it worked out okay but I had very pleasant corrrespondence with the buyer prior to her picking up. It just happened that we lived around the corner from each other. It also sounds like the buyer is unsure of their purchase and might refuse payment anyway. I would refuse to arrange a pick up for many reasons...your personal safety first and foremost. Good luck.
  3. I think you have the right to turn him down if he does not go by the payment scheme you mentioned in your listing. If you have a bad feeling about it, stop.
  4. Your not protected by paypal, unless its posted to a confirmed address and you have tracking information. What if he claims in a couple of weeks time, he's never received it, etc.

    Trust your judgement and stick to your guns.
  5. Thanks as always team! Seriously, I thought I was sure about things, but wanted to double check. Even my 9 year old son said 'but he could then say he didn't get it and he might be a nasty man anyway' . . . can't get clearer or wiser advice than that!
  6. Go with your instinct. I wouldn't meet with anyone like that. You are the one in charge, not him. You stated PayPal and confirmed address - that's it. Report him and forward his emails to eBay. Keep hard copies for your records. Good Luck.
  7. Out of the mouths of babes....
  8. Tell him to take a hike. He's probably just messing with you anyway. I'd simply cancel the whole transaction and relist the item. You might mess around with this idiot for a few weeks! Forget it. For all you know "he's" some crazy chick in Oklahoma with nothing better to do!!!
  9. I personally wouldn't meet up with anyone that purchased from me. You just never know. Better safe then sorry.
  10. he obviously has no idea how eBay works, i def would not meet with him and it most certainly is not "his right" to collect it
  11. sorry to hear of your ebay trouble...

    I wouldn't go for a cash pick up - definitely not if the person is aggressive and your son is right, he could be a nasty man....

    best to just let it go!
  12. He isnt entitled to ANYTHING he claims.

    What an ass. And who knows what else possibly.

    I would not sell to him, and FWD all correspondence to eBay!
  13. Well PayPal wouldn't be an issue if he brought cash. BUT, I would have terrible reservations about doing an in person exchange, what if she showed up just to rob you of the bag? I'm sure that eBay would side with you on this one, since "in person pickup" was not one of your delivery options.
  14. I just had the same situation with a buyer two weeks ago for an LV bag. After the auction ended, she said she wanted to pick up the bag to save the $20 shipping. She said she would pay cash. I said fine, even though she lives 45 minutes away from me and I didn't think it made much sense. Then she said she wanted me to tell eBay that we decided not to complete the transaction and then pass along the discount to her because I would be saving money in fees!

    I finally told her no way, she could not pick it up, nor would I tell eBay that we decided to not complete the transaction. Needless to say, she refused to pay and I had to file NPB.

    Thankfully, I relisted and sold the bag for the same price to someone who paid immediately. There are some crazy people out there!

    I would not complete the transaction if I were you.
  15. I don't know where some people get the nerve to make all these demands?
    Where do they come from & who were they raised by? That's what I want to know.