I think I just received a fake!

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  1. Ugh! My impulsivity got the best of me and I bid and won a bag from e-bay - a kelly in burgundy - and I think it's a fake. Does the inside zipper have a leather pull? It came in a really bright orange felt bag and the shoulder strap came in a separate one - also, isn't it supposed to have a stamp of a number somewhere? I am so mad at myself -- I'm not sure I can prove it's a fake so what can I do?:sad:
  2. post the link from the listing on ebay so we could look.
  3. yes, baggaholic is right, post the link so we can tell you!
  4. We'd be happy to help - link or clear pics please! :smile: Hope it's okay...
  5. Just like everyone said, post pics or info! We will do our best to help you out!
  6. Crossing my fingers for you! Everyone will help.
  7. OMG!! this is why I am so afraid of buying from ebay! You never know what you going to get..

    Yeah please post pics so we can see it. I am confindent some ladies here are expert in Hermes bag and maybe able to help you.
  8. The seller's been around a while, so at least that's a good sign. Are you near any Hermes where you can take it in? Don't tell them you got it from eBay, though.
  9. It does have a stamp in the photo- at the end of the belt it is stamped with the date code. The sleepers are bright orange in recent years. This seller was recommended by another forum member as being legit. Don't panic yet.
  10. Okay, I'll take a breath! I've had luck with the last couple of expensive bags from e-bay -- this made me worried though - Boston is the closest but I don't get there often....thanks - I'll try not to panic completely!
  11. This is a legit seller. This bag is real.
  12. I hope it is real, b/c what a beautiful color for a kelly bag!! It sounds like the consensus is that it's real, so have fun with it :smile:
  13. Shoes - since it's supposed to be chevre/goat skin, check the spine detail of the leather in the middle of the bag. The middle part should have wider texture than the side of the bag. This is one thing that distinguishes chevre from other leathers
  14. Agree with La Vanguardia above. Also, get to Hermes ASAP...don't wait. Get the bag authenticated and don't post any feedback yet. Be positive...if it is the real deal you have a beauty. It is just so tough to say because the listing may not show us what you really have in your possession.

    * If you find anything to be falsified please take action as far as you can. That is the only way to make it harder for these sellers to continue hurting people.

    OH...let us all know what you come up with! I wish you the best.
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