I think I just bought a mini muscade paddy from Diabro...

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  1. Whoopsies!!!

    My finger slipped a couple of times and I think I ended up buying a mini muscade paddy off Diabro.net!!!:sweatdrop:

    I say I think I bought one because when I clicked purchase, it said the cost was around $780 USD + shipping, and I successfully paid through paypal, but then when I logged back onto Diabro about 10 minutes later, it said the cost was $824 + shipping.....but I only paid $780.......:confused1:

    I hope nothing went wrong there.....:sad:
  2. Yay!!! All is well! I got a phone call and email saying it's being shipped soon!!!
  3. :nuts: Yay!!! Congrats~ Great deal too!!!

    Remember to post pics :graucho:

  4. Thanks DollyGirl!!! Yeah I thought it was an awesome deal too!!!!!:yahoo:

    Don't worry, I'll definitely be posting a billion pics when she arrives!!!!:graucho:
  5. Congrats LV! Great price! With the high Aussie $, it's so tempting! That's less than 1K! How much is p&h?
  6. Congrats lv_obsessed:yahoo: :heart:A baby Muscade paddy:heart:

    Post pic pleaseeeeyyy!!!:yes:

    I've been off the "buying scene" lately due to purseban.... so it's been dry, real dry like desert for me~ :crybaby:now I can only live vicariously through PFers' buying experience and the excitement that comes with it! Wow, I sound pathetic!:shame:
  7. woooo hooooo

    congratulations :biggrin:

    I love love love the baby :biggrin:
    cant wait to see the piccies
  8. yay, congrats!!
  9. I just bought one too!!! Yippeee. I've been trying to get one ever since I returned the Canelle one I bought from them. I wanted to exchange it for the muscade, but by the time they got the return, they sold out. I can't wait!!!!!

  10. Thanks leanbeanee!!!!:tup: Yeah when I saw that price I kinda buckled lol...so much for willpower.:roflmfao:

    Shipping only ended up costing USD$26.50 (it's more than double that to ship a regular paddy) and that included tracking too!:nuts:

  11. Awww Pamela72 I remember reading about that and how you were disappointed with your canelle! I'm so glad it all worked out for you in the end!!!:yahoo:

    Now all we have to do is wait.....:whistle:
  12. I know, the waiting is killer, isn't it!!!!

  13. Definitely....
    Here's a Diabro pic to keep us happy:

  14. Muscade is my FAVORITE Chloe color. YUM!!
  15. Can you tell me how you got the picture in the body of the email? I always have trouble with that. I am only able to get the picture in as a link. It happens to be in the body of the thread now because I quoted you. Your killing me though. The baby is so scrumptous!!! Diabro if you are reading this- send our bags quickly:graucho:.