I think I have to have this bag!

  1. I have no way to know how it would look, but I think in pictures it's divine! Of course, I think I would need to sell my children (just kidding) to afford it, but OMG!!!! I've never seen such a GORGEOUS bag!:heart:

    I wish there were a "similar" bag that was in my price range, but I don't do fakes. that' is so WRONG!!!

    Do these ever go on sale? is there any hope of it coming down in price? or even used? I'm so afraid to buy ANYTHING high end on eBay because well, it very well could be a fake.

    Sigh :crybaby:... well, if any of you ever tire of yours, think of me! I can't join the swap board for MONTHS and for a gazillion posts more. I understand the need for the safeguard... so not complaining, just waiting and drooling! :drool:
    prada bag.jpg
  2. HI, how much is the bag and where did you see it, you can check bluefly.com, they get pradas in and they are marked down, sometimes they get current season stuff too. Good luck with the hunt for the bag, its gorgeous!
  3. I love this bag, but if you haven't seen it in person - it's a big bag! I like big bags, but this one seemed HUGE to me. The leather feels like silk, though and it's a fabulous color. Just wanted to make sure that you've seen it in person before you buy because there are others in plain leather or patent leather that are a bit smaller. Good luck! I'll be jealous if you get it!

    One quick note - if you like the leather and the color there is a less expensive hobo called the Cervo Antik I think which is $1500. Or you could rent it on Bag, Borrow or Steal for about $80/week.
  4. I saw that for $80 a week... boy... that would add up fast! LOL Now, if it were renting to buy without much of a markup, that would be cool!
  5. I see that you're in the DC area, I am too. Check Neiman's and Saks after Thanksgiving when the sales start. A lot of Prada's will go sale. Also, if you can, start going to the stores now to check it out and to let a SA know that you want to know when/if the bag goes on sale. Sometimes, they'll call and let you know. Keep checking online, too. Sometimes they'll mark things down online and not in the store (and vice versa).
  6. Ooo, thanks!:tup: I'll have to start saving. I never dip into family funds for a bag or fun stuff. Keeps DH happier that way! :lol:

    Let's see... I'm about halfway there! LOL What else can I sell?? Kids are out, of course... Hmmm... I might need to trim my small collection. I'm not a stash kind of gal, so I know if I get it, I'll USE IT to death. Doesn't seem like I would ever have a problem selling it either if I decided it wasn't for me, but I DO want to see it in real life.

    Do you know if the Tyson's corner mall carries them? at The galleria?

    Thanks again!;)
  7. Yes, Tysons Galleria - Saks and Neiman Marcus both have Prada. Also, Saks - Chevy Chase, MD and Neiman Marcus - Maza Gallery, DC, carry Prada. Looking is always free!
  8. Alouette got this bag in a different leather -- it is big -- she had modelling pics up in June or July if that helps.
  9. gorgeous bag!
  10. OK, I went to Saks today and saw it and tried it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. HATE the price tag. So, when do saks have a sale? Or when do you Prada folks look for sales and from where? I am bowing my head in shame, but I really, really need this bag to feel WOW!!! I've been skimping on ME for so darn long, I DESERVE IT!!!

    Might look silly with my TJMaxx and Marshall's clothes, but that's OK with me!

    Anyone know of sales???? Anyone want to cough one up for me?
  11. I don't know of any current sales. But, wear your TJ Maxx & Marshall's clothes proudly with designer bags. I do it all the time!
  12. R u kidding!!! Accessories make ordinary EXTRODINARY :love:!!!! U could be wearing walmart brand (although I dont support Walmart) and with a beautiful pair of shoes and a bag that says you know your fabulous and everyone else should too then you will look stunning hands down! Get the bag it's so soft and sure it's a little big but like I always say Go Big or Go Home!!! And you have kids...well then you absolutely deserve it!
  13. Saw this in person, it's gorgeous. Too big for me personally but seriously goregous!
  14. Saks is having their EGC event 10/18 and their F&F event next week--not exactly a sale, but probably with the $$ back it would seem like one!
  15. I swore I saw that bag on Bluefly..Keep checking!! Great bag...