I think I have problems~

  1. So I just got my first LV - a speedy 25 which I have fallen completely in love with. Who would have thought that a purse that looked so small from the outside can fit SOO much inside?!

    Then I went and bid on a LV agenda - okay - I don't really use agenda since I have a Palm Treo that keeps everything in check for me but .. I just wanted it ... AND I only had a very small budget and the price was right - I haven't gotten it yet .. but I think it's old .. and maybe dirty :crybaby: Why .. oh why did I bid?!

    This is where my real problem lies ..

    I'm obsessed with the Damier Speedy 30 - I haven't even had my 25 for 2 whole weeks .. WHAT THE HECK!? I'm on a purse ban :ban: Well, according to DH anyhow ..

    I find myself going to the LV site .. going to eluxury .. just to look at pictures of it. IT'S THE SAME PIC! But I just look .. dream .. hope .. then I go here - I've probably looked at dozens of your Damier Speedy 30's .. I'm jealous! :hysteric:

    At least until after Christmas .. I'm not allowed to buy anymore purses ... well, ANYMORE LV's ... ppssshhh.... My man just doesn't understand .. I even made him sit here with me tonite to look at the mens section of LV .. hoping that he'd be like wow, you can buy what you want .. but he only said .. WOW .. their wallets are NICE .. I promptly clicked the page off .. :p I don't want him getting any ideas of buying himself a LV when I so want one ... (yes, I know I JUST got one .. but still) -

    How many of you get like this? Right after getting a new one .. already wanting the next one .. or just knowing you have to wait to get it .. but not being able to help looking at it every damn day? It's like torture ..
  2. Oh man...welcome to the purse addicts hell!!! LOL!!! I think most of us here are like this, all addicted to bags!!! And wallets, agendas, keyholder, etc.

    I don't really have any advice for you as I'm never satisfied and always on the quest for the "perfect" bag!!
  3. And it's just beginning for you......:nuts:
  4. You have it bad...You better get some chocolate and step away from your computer!
  5. Nyah-hah-hah... we have got you in our clutches!:devil:

    Seriously, I think we all feel like this at least some of the time, otherwise we wouldn't be here! So, rest assured you have company. However, I offer this warning: If you are buying when you don't have the money, or the money really should be going to other things (rent, mortgage, car payments, health insurance, groceries, tuition, babysitting, whatever!) then it is time to STOP! Log off of tpf, quit looking at elux and LV and eBay and DO SOMETHING ELSE. Buying a new LV is not worth risking your credit rating or your savings or your important relationships in life!
  6. hahah that's what i used to do..i have a damier 30 and last christmas when i saw it...i really wanted to buy it but couldn't because i just bought a gucci bag...then a month ago kept going to the lv store every day just to look at it to "decide" if i were to get it or not...finally when i decided to get it the SA was like FINALLY DAMN! if u keep coming back here that means u need to buy it...i was reluctant on keeping it but fall in love with it more and more evrey day..and also it's not as popular as the LV mono speedy! =) maybe u should wait a few months... so u can save up...
  7. Welcome to the handbag addict's world!!!! The obsessing never stops!!
  8. Welcome to the funn side of hand bags.
  9. This is really funny because you have described almost everyone here, including myself, going through the same torture you are going through. LOL You and the rest of us have the LV bug bad. Just take deep breaths, save for the money, and get it when you are ready. The Damier Speedy is a permanent bag so you have lots of time. Congratulations on your Speedy 25 and your upcoming agenda!!
  10. Oh wow .. nope - my first Chanel (pre-loved) bought a couple of months ago was saved for with 2 paychecks .. then my LV Speedy and Agenda are both pre-loved and I actually sold all the purses (Dooney's and Coach's) that have been sitting in my closet unused for over 6 months to a year to fund those 2 ... with Christmas right around the corner .. our xmas funds and credit card are untouchable at least in my eyes JUST to fund some LV addiction I have - see .. I do have some sense :yes:

    But .. I do still obsess .. just a bit .. my mom called me last night and asked what I wanted .. I SOO wanted to say a LV mommy! :nuts: But told her instead to spend more money for the kids instead of me and DH ..

    I think .. when we have to save .. and wait - that moment we finally do get our dream bag .. it's just that much more special.... Agree?
  11. :sweatdrop:its spelt ' o-b-s-e-s-s-i-o-n-'

    its a horrible place and i totally know what u mean. :yes:

    my advice- do not buy it!!!!! wait at least 6 months and really love the one u have. and in six months- if u still want it then your ban will be over and it'll be ok. i personally think that 2 bags a year is good. one every six months. :angel:

    (now- thats' my advice, and i never listen to myself!):nuts:
  12. It's an obsession for me too. I am always picking stuff out on LV's site and Elux. I am already keeping a running tab of potential future Christmas and birthday gifts! Besides LV, I've been eyeing a Kimora Lee Simmons for Hello Kitty pendant. I know a Hello Kitty pendant sounds somewhat childish, but I love that little kitty and there's certainly nothing childish about black diamonds!
  13. And so it begins....:angel:

    It's a good idea to wait a few days or a few weeks, save up the money and then if you still want it, go get it! It's fine to look, but be sure to give yourself the time to be sure you really want it and its not just an impulse buy. I've done the obsessing thing and then after a week, I end up changing my mind and I'm glad that I waited.

    Also, it feels so good to buy something with cash and knowing its all yours and paid for, and not having to worry about how you're going to pay the cc bill!

    You have good common sense, you'll be fine, just insane like the rest of us!
  14. LOL:roflmfao:
  15. How many of you get like this? Right after getting a new one .. already wanting the next one .. or just knowing you have to wait to get it .. but not being able to help looking at it every damn day? It's like torture ..[/quote]

    Um, yes... my name is Redd and I'm a bagaholic!!! :p