I think I have decided my preference in Chanel bags lies with quilting and chain

  1. handles. In the last month, I have studied quite a bit on this board and it seems the bags that appeal most to me have these features. And silver hardware. I think that is my hang up with the cerf bag I ordered, and why it will probably go back.

    These are "traditional/classic" Chanel trademarks, yes? I want to make sure my next bag is very classic. My challenge is to find just the right one for Spring!
  2. I think the 2.55 classic flap is definitely the signature bag every Chanel lover must own because it does have many of the the features that Coco put in...chain handles, outside pocket, double flap, lipstick pocket, accessories pockets etc. The black caviar classic flap was my first Chanel purchase and still is my first love after many years and many bags later. Also, I think it is just so pretty and classic. Can't wait to hear about your first Classic falp purchase!
  3. Maybe the GST would be better since it has more of the classic Chanel characteristics?
  4. That is one I am considering. I just don't know about the CCs on the bag.
  5. I feel teh same way usually. I LOVE texture and the quilting provides that, plus I've always loved the shape of the diamonds, I even had my daughter's bedroom painted in a harlequin pattern.
    I also love the chains, it's classic and edgy all at once.

    The Luxe ligne has also really appealed to me becaus ethe leather isn't completely smooth.

    I love the GST, the CC's though big, aren't too in your face since they're monchromatic.
  6. I think that would be a great choice for you and the CCs are not IN YOUR FACE ...like swanky said they blend in so it really is a classic/classy bag

    There are so many bags in chanel that it does make it really hard to choose