I think I have created a monster

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  1. So last christmas my daughter got an inferno stellina. She loves it and uses it plenty.

    i got her an op porta from the outlet for her and a pirata bocce for me. anyway, now she decided that she wants a bocce too! and she wants a trasporto wallet!

    she is only 9 years old! oh well :smile: live and love right?
    I don't think DH will be too thrilled.

  2. LOL! How cute...but when you think about it, tokidokis are perfect for perfect little girls, aren't they? ;)

    I say get her what she wants...as long as her grades are as perfect as she is! :idea:
  3. Hee. that's nice.. i think Tokis are just sooo suitable for gals - young or old.. At least you can also share some of your bags with her... me, i got no 1 to share mine with... :shame:
  4. Aww... LoL.. I do the same thing with my baby. She's only 3 but LOVES tokidoki..:love:.. I got her a Paradiso Ciao and am planning to get her a Vacanze bag once they come out.. My DH wasnt too happy but once he saw her wearing it and how much she loved it, he changed his mind (a little..lol).. Plus I think it will be so cute when we go out to be wearing matching bags.. hehe...:lol::happydance::love:...
  5. aww, my daughter is 5 and i let her use my op stellina for her ballet bag. she thinks she's so cool cuz she's got a toki!:rolleyes:
  6. OMG I JUST saw this picture today, and you guys will look soooo cute! :tender:

  7. omg Danelys is really Angelina? xD
  8. LoL... My daughter's name is Mia Angelina (My Angel in Italian).. Anyhow, I ordered this bag a week ago so I thought of that idea before her..lol.. But I think it's the cutest...:tup:
  9. Aww, i think it's so cute that our daughters share the same love for toki's as we do. I let my oldest daughter (she's 8) use my inferno bambino and my younger daughter (she's 3) use my inferno bocce when we go out together. I plan to get there OWN toki's for Christmas. Maybe a dolce and a bocce.
  10. Aww that is soooo cute all 3 with Inferno bags..:tup:.. I am too. I am getting my baby a Vacanze bag, she's going to go nuts when she sees it.. She just likes looking at the bags.. And one time she ran up and got my Paradiso Zucca and I told her "That's my bag." and she said "No mami, that's MY bag. MY, MY, MY"..lol... That's when I knew I had to get her something in Paradiso.. hehe..:yes:
  11. lol i just bought my little sister her first toki, an inferno dolce, and she was like "omg, now i know why you love tokidoki so much, i feel so happy just having it" xDD lol she's 12 btw