I think I have been conned

  1. Hi people
    I recently bought a B.Fendi bag (this one 270080218202) and the echeck has now gone through.

    The problem is that the buyer isn't responding to any of my emails. She initially said she would send the bag to me no later than last Monday. But I didn't receive anything and I didn't even receive an email to explain why. I have now opened a dispute with paypal.

    What else should I do? I know I should have bought it from a Fendi Boutique but it was on sale for half price at christmas and I have a problem buying stuff that has been sold for half price. And anyway I just thought this was a good deal.
  2. You should get the seller's contact details from eBay and give them call.

    You've filed a complaint now so hopefully paypal will take care of it. There hasn't been a lot of activity on this seller's account so that's a bit of worry. You should always pay with a credit card, especially for large amounts - added protection.

    Don't worry just yet though. Give the seller a call.
  3. I don't think there is anything you can do right now except wait. You might try calling Paypal about your dispute and see if they can get the seller to send you tracking info. They should at least freeze her funds when you file the dispute. Don't close the dispute until you have the bag in hand, authenticated, etc. In the future, it's a good idea to use a credit card through Paypal, because then you have the additional option of doing a chargeback if things go awry.
  4. Update: I have now heard from the seller and she tells me that she was on holiday and apparently where she has no internet access.
    But she said that she gave it to a friend to mail it to me and that tomorrow she will get the tracking no. for me.
    Fingers crossed everything works out fine.
  5. Good luck, I hope that it all works out for you in the end.
  6. The seller is a member of tPF as well.. under same ID. I hope that helps! :biggrin:
  7. Oh thanks
  8. Hope this works out for you!
  9. If it makes you feel any better, when I bought my hologram spy, it was from a shop from Spain. They didn't respond to any of my emails, however, my bag arrived in a few days. I was sweating bullets since Paypal has its limits on how much they can get back for you.
  10. I hope everything works out for you!!! *crosses fingers*

    btw DON'T close the paypal dispute until you receive either tracking information or the package!!!! I would actually suggest not closing it until you receive the package! Once you close the dispute, you can't reopen it.
  11. Fendigal do they? How much is their limits?
  12. Staci - any update on this for you?