i think i have been a good girl...

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  1. wahoooooooo:yahoo: :heart:

    let's start with these 2 pics shall we....

    an orange box and a card from my wondeful SA.....
    Picture 003.jpg Picture 001.jpg
  2. here she is....:yahoo: :heart: :love: :drool:

    35cm rouge garrance clemence w/ PH
    Picture 005.jpg Picture 008.jpg
  3. Wonderful!!! Wear her in great health! That card is just too cool!
  4. Beee-yooou-tee-ful!!!! :love: :drool: Congrats!!!
  5. Omg:heart: :nuts:
  6. So lovely!! Congrats!
  7. STUNNING! Congrats on your beautiful Birkin. It's just perfect.
  8. OMG :nuts: OMG :nuts: . . . I'm just speechless :drool: !!! What a BEAUTY . . . I LOOOOVE this rouge with PH ..... it's GORGEOUS :yahoo: !! Ohh you lucky girl - I'm so happy for you 'N' . . . you really are a 'good girl' ;) :yes: :love: and I adore your taste :tender: ENJOY it !!!!
  9. Amour.. I love your new birkin.. it is stunning..... congrats.. as far as the group shot, heck, I want all those H bags.. hehehe...
  10. hello2703,papillon216,umamanikam,TammyD,Cal = thank you all ladies!:heart:

    firstclass1 - thank u mommy "I"..i luv u and u know that!;)

    blux - thanks girl...now..now..where's that BJ birkin:graucho:
  11. OMG!!!!!! Amour your babies are to DIE for!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :heart: :yahoo:
  12. Congratulations!!!! Stunningly Beautiful!!
  13. emila and GF - thank u gorgeous ladies!:heart:
  14. :drool: congrats its rouge just in time for valentines day:love:
  15. Congratulations on your latest addition!