I think I have a problem...

  1. - an LV addiction!:rolleyes: Right now, I have a modest collection of 3 bags and two accessories, and assured my hubby that I was done, that I was quite content with my LV pieces and didn't want anything else. Well, that lasted about 5 minutes! I am obsessed with more bags and accessories, and just purchased two more pre-loved bags (a Cabas Piano and a Speedy 40), online yesterday. I am so excited for them to come, but am already thinking about what else LV I can buy. Am I sick? :yes: I've bought and sold bags, trying to find the perfect balance of hand vs. shoulder bags, bag charms and accessories, but feel almost bored or let down when I'm not in the process of finding a new LV. I've bought 3 pieces new from eLux, and the rest either on eBay or an upscale consignment shop here in town, and I am so amused! Ha ha! Does anyone else feel this obsession, and if so, how do I stop and just be content with the things I already have? Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. Hi.. I am in the same boat too. DH asked me how many bags do I need to carry my daily essentials and stuff ? I just can't stop myself. This is a serious addiction :smile: And like McDonald said, I am loving it :p
  3. May be buying more LV bags can stop the itch. :p
  4. I am also in the same boat. I am a bit of a late-bloomer and I just started realizing last month that I really liked LV (thanks to the launch of the Azur) and now since then, I have gotten 2 bags and 2 accessories! I don't know how to help you because I keep telling my bf the same thing - that I'm done! Then I look at stuff online and I want everything! I am trying to be happy with what I have - I am telling myself that once I get my Azur Speedy, a cles and a vernis agenda, I have to be done for a while.
  5. When I get that way I have to take a break from tPF. It can lead to serious problems. Just make sure you don't overspend. Nothing worse than guilt over money spent when handbags should be such a joy. And try to enjoy what you have. And when you figure out how to accomplish all that, let me know! Cause I've yet to figure it out! lol.
  6. I agree about taking a break from tpf, because I think that's the only way I can stop obsessing.
  7. i get what you are all saying but to say you will take a break from tpf is blasphemy:wtf:
  8. i think what you have is normal for those of us here on tPF. i agree though that if it becomes a bit overwhelming to step away a bit. i actually stopped for a bit and stopped looking at lv sites overall. i did stop buying LVs for a few years.....but that was sheer willpower. ;)

  9. ^^:p
  10. I think when you're just starting a collection, it's natural to have a lot of bags that you want, because you gotta build up the basics in your collection! Eventually you'll reach a "steady-state" of bags, where you'll buy one, sell one, and it's not so crazy anymore.

    Right? right? this is what I tell myself...I'm just "building up" the collection...I'll slow down eventually!
  11. ^^^LMAO- RIGGGGGGHT! Keep telling yourself (And your wallet!) that... hehe :graucho: :graucho:
  12. You're getting no help so far.....
  13. I know exactly how you feel and thank God that I have you all to share my obsession. I started with mono speedy 30 and I thought that would be the only bag that I would need - it really could have been because it is a perfect bag, but I was hooked. I think I like the hunt for the new bag almost as much as actually getting it. I look at PF, visual aids, Elux, and the LV website and make a list. I have been on a ban since my last purchase in Jan. and it has been going really good probably because I get to break my ban in Las Vegas at the end of the month. So, I have obsessing for awhile now trying to figure out what to get.
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. Well first of all congrats and welcome to the obsession! I would love to see a pic of your collection, it sounds pretty nice! I can relate bec. I currently have 3 LV bags that I got from elux but am now going to get my next bag from eBay bec. it is more than I want to spend brand new.

    For me when I want to cool off and not be as obsessed I just do a few things.

    Here are my tips:
    1) pick a next bag as your goal and set a time line up like a purchase date for that bag and stick to it, don't make it too far ahead though, like 5-6 mos. maximum otherwise it will feel like an eternity to wait.
    2)Secondly put your obsession in perspective with the real world and you will feel like you have a ton of bags. The average person who wears LV probably has one, and the average person in general has none, so that could help you appreciate what you have more, it works for me.
    3)Thirdly, take a break from this board or browsing eBay, if you don't see it constantly it will fade from your mind a bit and you will just have to depend on your own thoughts to feed the obsession rather than the constant bombardment(word?) of people buying new bags/accessories or seeing great deals on ebay etc.

    But tpf is so much fun and if you can get a handle on the obsession aspect of it where it's hurting your wallet possibly, it's great also to stick around and live vicariously through others here till you can get your next bag.