I think I have a fake LV :(

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Mar 22, 2010
Hi all, sorry if this post should be elsewhere. I only registered today after reading the site for a while.

What brings me here is an issue with a bag I just got. A few months ago LV's started catching my eye and I expressed interest to my fiance. Well, over the weekend I was surprised when there was a package in the mail; he said he saw it online and it seemed "legit" so he got it for me.

Now I love him for getting me the purse and whatnot but I'm not sure if the bag is fake, and I'm not really a fan of fake stuff :sad:. I don't want to bother him with this stuff intead of being thankful and happy. He said the original owner said it was real over and over again, but hey, people lie!

The bag is...or is supposed to be a Speedy 30, Damier in Ebene. I do not know much about LV's and how to tell if they're real despite reading up a lot about it before beginning my search.

To me, the bag smells plasticy, but it was wrapped in plastic (to protect during shipment I guess)...but I don't know?? I've honestly never seen a real speedy up close or held one. It came with lock & keys, and dustbag but I've read fakes can come with this too. Under one of the tabs on the outside, it says "30", nothing else. On the inside, under the flap, I don't see a date code I think...but instead I see something that says "VT1008"...I don't see anything else anywhere, which worries me. Everything else seems normal (no feet on the bottom, etc)

I can take some pictures when I'm home if needed; it looks like every other Damier I've seen pictures of but maybe someone who has one can help me?

If my bag is fake, what should I do?



Dec 15, 2009
The speedy does have a "30" under one of the side tabs. The tab on the other side should just have the "Louis Vuitton Made in ....." stamp on the top of it. The date code will be found under the inside pocket of the bag. Like cindy05 and AAdams said, take plenty of pics and post to the "authenticate this" thread. If the bag is found to be fake by one of the glorious authenticators, you can file a dispute with the seller wherever your fiance bought it from (assuming the bay or another site). It is against the law to sell counterfeit!


big purse, big heart
Jan 3, 2009
if there is no "made in..." tab it's prob faux. as prev posted the speedys should be stampted with the size on the underside of that same tab. not sure why your bag would have one but not the other. hopefuly the authenticators will say real but if not hopefully you will be able to get a refund. good luck!


Nov 18, 2009
post the pics as the other ladies state above and get it authenticated in here - our awesome authenticators will either call the bluff or put your mind at ease... Good luck!


Dec 27, 2009
post pics in the authentic this thread.

but i dont think my speedy says "30" anywhere on it.
Was it like that from brand new, and did you check under the tags? It definitely should if it's authentic; however, for what it's worth, the underside of my damier ebene speedy 30 tag is so worn (that poor bag is beat to rat poop) that the 30 is pretty much gone. Come to think of it, that bag could really use a day spa......


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Feb 4, 2010
nope not there!!! Just checked :sad:
Not sure if it's normal or not to NOT have it on the tag, but mine has nothing on there...
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