I think I have a disorder............

  1. I aim straight for the threads with pics. Is it cause I love looking at handbags or is something wrong with me?
  2. LOL! if there's something wrong with you then
    there's something wrong with me too!:nuts:
  3. OMG if there is something wrong w/ you then I have it too! :yes:
  4. Don't feel bad, I do the same thing:yes:
  5. I do this too, I love seeing pictures!
  6. It's not just you....I think we all have a problem!!
  7. Sorry...double post!
  8. It's always fun to see pics, and if you're trying to gauge size or what it looks like on, the modeling pics are really helpful.
  9. Check me in too! I could stare at your ___ in action threads all day! Don't get me started on the asian women and their Birkin's thread :drool: Its nice to imagine having all of those bags!
  10. I guess I have it too...
  11. Count me in. I LOVE oogling over other people's pictures...especially when I'm on a ban or waiting for the same (or similar) bag to arrive. I could spend ....well, I HAVE spent hours looking at pics on here. I love TPF!!!
  12. I think it's normal here...it's nice to stare!
  13. were just visual people. we like pretty things!