I think I had a scammer make me an offer

  1. I had a high price bag listed on eBay with the ability to offers.
    I got an email from someone in indonesia saying they would be willing to buy the bag for the buy it now price but they had to pay by credit card so they were wondering if I had a credit card machine and if I didn't if I could find one. I suggested they set up a paypal account off there credit card or send a money wire and charge it to there credit card. They emailed back that they wanted to be able to type the numbers into a machine and that they didn't want to have to swipe the card. I told them I didn't have a machine and made other suggestions and never heard back.
    weird hu...
    sounds like a scam to me...any clues.
  2. Yup, it's a scam. It would take longer to get the credit card transaction to go through this way. And the card might be stolen.
  3. BEWARE!!! I personally from Indonesia and I pretty understand their's system! Don't fall into their offer, they'll offer you even more than your asking price and at the last of emails, they'll provide their name ( man's name ), said that they have a store in Asia, asked you to ship to their store etc :yucky: they use such "western" ID and think that sellers don't know where their location if they use "western" ID. Almost of them come from Java - chech his location.

    DON'T reply their email without hide your email address. They'll use it to hack your eBay acc. My fiance knows one of them, they said that they'll try to ask much questions if they failed to persuade seller to accept credit card, so they'll be able to hack seller's account.

    Just see, after a few times, you'll receive another email with the mirror format and words but from other ID and other sender. NEVER replied it :tdown:
  4. I would forward the email to spoof@eBay.com and then delete
  5. The fact that they don't want to swipe the credit card means they don't have it in their possession - i.e. stolen account number.