I think I got fake product from Ebay

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  1. I use Estee Lauder Go Tan Sunless Towelettes on my face because I really like the color & it looks natural. In an effort to save some money I thought hey why don't I see if ebay has them which of course they did. I ended up buying a set of 5 without a box & they looked fine, sealed etc but were last years packaging but when I tried them the color was not the same, very faint color. Do you think, I purchased fake product? Has anyone had any experiences or I am wondering if they are just old & expired.
  2. i know a lot of beauty products are only good for a certain amount of time. if they were last years' packaging, then maybe they won't be as effective?
  3. I bought some Prada lotion once, it didn't smell the same, I just figured it went off, maybe yours did too.
  4. I know there are fake beauty prodcuts , but I always thought they kept it to the ultra premium brands, like Crem De La Mer? oh, and the perfumes.

    as itsa tanning product I would just say that its probably its age. I tried to use a bottle of tanning mousse from last year the other day & it had seperated & gone all funny. Also, I'm not certain but the fact it was in old packaging would suggest to me that they made a 'new & improved' product to go with the packaging.

    If you're worried, I'd use it on a bit of delicate skin, but not on your face & leave it a couple of days & see if you have any reaction or if oyu like the colour.

  5. I was watching a consumer show and they were warning people about fake branded toothpaste (McCleans, or something - nothing expensive)!!! :shocked:

    They also mentioned various budget brand moisturisers and other skincare stuff.

    Unfortunately, I don't think anything's spared, now.
  6. it sounds like you got an expired product actually -
    formulas like self tanner, hair spray etc only work when they are used withing a certain amount of time - hence why the 'brand name' cosmetic items you can get on clearance or at the 99 cent store really aren't the best investment
  7. just FYI: there are Fake MAC Cosmetics, Chanel Cosmetics... on eBay, so it wouldn't surprise me that they can fake EL stuff too... I'll post some pics of fake stuff, that'll give you an idea..
    00_1.jpg STudio Fix Fake1.jpg
  8. I had purchased a Chanel Blush at L&T and wanted a second one so I bought one on eBay. When it came it was immediately apparent that it was stale -- it didn't have the nice rose smell that the L&T one has. The texture also seemed just a bit more dry. The seller agreed to accept it back for a refund -- not a problem. This has however made me decide not to get any more makeup on eBay -- not worth the trouble.
  9. yea, im going with the expired. however, the fake ones worry me also. sorry about ur experience
  10. i got a fake shu umera eyelash curler on ebay once but i was lucky enough to get my money back.