I think I got a Panda Cles and I can't keep still!

  1. I have been absolutely going crazy over this Panda Cles (thanks to all of you) and I have wanted it and felt guilty about just getting a new bag but look and look and try to justify that it's rather cheap... and the BF has been making smart handbag remarks...well, I yelled at him tonight and he told me I better shut up or not get what's coming to me. So after two hours of pestering him until he couldn't even shut me out anymore, he said, "It's a little something you really, really want and have been obsessing about and driving me crazy over so last week I got it to end my misery and of course so you'll be happy." I have been hopping around my house like a nut on Christmas Eve. Oh I hope, hope, hope! What if it isn't? Oh no...........to be continued..................
  2. That is so sweet of him!!! You are so lucky your guy gets hints!!!
  3. OOoooo:nuts: I hope it is! Let us know what you get! That's so sweet of him.
  4. OMG!!! Keep us posted!!!:graucho:
  5. aww how cute!! keep us posted!!
  6. oh Pandamonium! I hope you get to join the panda club i know how bad you really wanted it =)
  7. ack! don't you hate that? the suspense and anticipation! haha.

    that's SOO sweet of him though!! awww!
  8. Did you find out what it is yet?
  9. That is so nice of him:yes: I can't wait to read about it:biggrin:
  10. Oh, the suspense! I hope you get the Panda!
  11. lucky girl!!!!!!!! I bet it's the panda cles :smile:
  12. Congrats and good luck!
    I've been wanting one myself for a while now!
  13. Oooh I hope it's Mr. Panda !
  14. Wow haha men. If you can't beat em, join em!
  15. I hope you get a panda! It's a great piece!