I think I got a fake :(

  1. Ok..back again with questions about sunglasses. I went ahead and bought some (from a link that I thought I posted here aregarding authenticity), but now that I have them, I'm a bit leery. First of all, the case isn't a hard, clam style case, it's a silver zippered case With only Dior on the outside and inside. They also came with literature from Safilo and were in a ziploc bag printed CE, Safilo Spa Padova Italy. Also, the markings on the arms of the frame and style number are right where the arms would touch the head above the ears and not closer to the hinges. I'd think the marking would rub off easily being where they are and authentic makers wouldn't put it there for that reason. Oh, and the rhinestones (they're the Night stlye) don't really look sparkly. Did I get duped?? I'll try to post good pics when I get home.
  2. Well, I have a pair of Dior sunglasses that I bought in 2001 from the Dior boutique in Singapore, and it is a silver zippered case, and it did have Safilo literature inside as well...
  3. Hi Charles!

    I agree with Prada Prince...I have that zippered case for my Airspeed sunglasses as well (the same one yuo described) so I think the case is authentic.

    But as for the sunglasses, can you please post some pics? We can help you authenticate them better with pictures!
  4. hi everyone,
    mayday i want to thank you for your help with the eyes*on*you store on eBay I asked about in another topic, so i ordered those dior overshine sunglasses. According to the pictures, it seems to me that the model number on my shades is also somewhere in the middle and not in the thinner corner of the frames, however, i didn`t find that peculiar. should i?and about the silver zippered case, trust me Charles, here in Croatia these bigger Dior shades all come in those, not in the hard, clam-like case. I know I`m not a big help, but I think that all you listed here doesnt`s necessarily mean they`re fake. however, some pics would help...:smile:
  5. You're very welcome! Yeah, the positioning of the lettering doesn't determine the authenticity of the sunglasses. Afterall, the details that really give their authenticity away are those on the outside of the sunglasses (i.e. little screws, the look of the plastic, the hinges, the Dior logo, and attention to detail). Take these for example:


    These two Overshine1 sunglasses are authentic but their words are in different positions.

    I hope this helps!