I think I got A Fake

  1. Sorry to bore you all with the same story you keep reading every day. I got a great bag I was after on eBay and received it today. I posted pics on authenticate....its a Miu Miu and there is a high level of uncertainty as all looks good except....wait for it....the 'Made In China ' label in the pocket. The seller has assured me she bought it from a great department store but I get a bad feeling....made in china????
    So I might go in to show it to Miu Miu but then what? Should I just ask for a refund????
  2. Well, before you jump to anything, get it authenticated first. Did you post it in any auth this posts? If not, you might want to try that *unless Miu Miu is close by to authenticate this for you. If it ends up being a fake, I would file a SNAD and ask for a refund. I'd not wait around on this, but take action early!

    HTH for what its worth. I've not personally gone thru this, so others will surely have more (and better) advice.
  3. If it is not authentic do the return immediately. Do not waste time.
  4. yes I did try on authenticate miu miu prada...spend a lot of time there. No real conclusion as it all seems ok except for the tag...
  5. Thanks, that is exactly what I need to hear
  6. I'm no Mui Mui expert, but I find it's hard to believe that Mui Mui is made in China. I own a few Mui Mui products and all of them are made in Italy.

    I would get it authenticate ASAP. There's a possibility that it's a fake.
  7. If you google "Miu Mui made in China" you will not believe what comes up.......none of it comforting.
  8. :shocked:

    That seller may think he successed to rip-off someone but "unfortunately" he missed to inspect or remove the "made in chine" tag :yucky:
  9. I have lots of Miu Miu bags and they all say Made In Italy. The seller just sent me this:
    Hi you are worrying over nothing I can assure you that I HAVE PURCHASED IT FROM SELFRIDGES like I have said please take it to a reputable genuine seller and they will confirm this
  10. Can you not bring it to a Miu Miu store & get it authenticated by them? It's better than guessing about it..

    I don't believe that Miu Miu manufactures in China! The bags that I have aren't at least..
  11. Yes That is what I am going to do. I just called a store and I am taking it in on Saturday,,,thanks
  12. I think we'd be surprised & disturbed to find out what is made in China.
    In many cases,bags are made there, then shipped to either France or Italy, where they are inspected, then the "made in China" tags are removed.
    Let us know what happens with your bag!
  13. I've never seen a made in china tag on miu miu, but you never know... companies keep changing their production bases around and quality seems to be going down...
  14. I can believe. My MiuMiu is made in Turkey and it's 100% authentic.
  15. But "made in Turkey" is different from "made in China". The "Made in China" just raises a red flag because Miu Miu should be all made in Italy or some models may be made in other European countries, but not China.:police: