I think I got a fake, now what?

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  1. So after being assured that the bag I purchased was real, it came today and I'm almost certain is a fake. What do I do now? The seller says on the page that it is 100% authentic and that she only deals with real items. So what is my plan of action now? I'm out 165.00 and I'm pretty sure its fake!

    For reference.. here's the eBay id number: 220116529333
  2. Why do you think this is a fake?
  3. its supercute --- as mention prev why do you think its fake?
  4. Doesn't look fake to me either, seems a rather obscure Juicy design to counterfeit. The interior all looks right too
  5. Why do you think it's not authentic? Looks real to me. My daughter owns a gazillion of these Daydreamer bags and yours doesn't look any different.

    If you're not comfortable, take it to a retailer and have someone look it over for you. But I wouldn't take any action against the seller until you know for sure. She looks like a good seller.
  6. my sister has this exact same bag and it looks just like this, lining and all.

    why do you think it's fake?

    agree with PP that this is a kind of obscure style to be fake, the counterfeiters usually fake the bowler bags in the terry, etc.
  7. I don't know enough to make any assessment of whether this looks genuine or not, but I do know that you'll have to make a 'case' for a bag being counterfeit if you decide you want to make a SNAD claim, so it is probably worth investigating authenticity carefully and quickly so you can decide how to proceed. Do let us know what you decide.
  8. it looks very real to me. the interior looks like both of mine and nothing really looks off. but you have it in your hands so you would know. too bad if it is its adorable !