I think I got a fake bag from a verified seller - afraid to go after them

  1. Ok this is the tale that happenned. Last year in Japan I got bitten by the vuitton bug. I bought a couple of bags from a verified seller who I thought I could trust and potentially still do. I can no longer look at the listing on eBay because its been too long (This will be important later). However, there was a thread about 3 months ago where a bunch of pfers claimed that they were selling a fake and I thought it was a fake as well. Nobody really felt that it was real. I felt ok because a lot of things that I've gotten from them had been legit and I got them repaired at vuitton.
    Ok, so I fell in love with this bag that was claimed to be vintage bag in reporter style. However, the bag had no leather strap on the side. This was claimed to be the vintage version. The zipper was broken. I thought that was fine because I assumed that Vuitton would be able to repair it because the canvas hadn't cracked and it was just off the track. When I recieved in Japan I didn't really look at it because it was a verified seller and I tucked it away for later times when I would get it repaired in the states.
    Its been so long since the auction that I don't remember if they stated that the zipper had been earlier replaced. I just noticed today when I took it out that it has a zipper with "Ecru" on it. Now this might not be abnormal because I have gotten something from this person before where the zipper was broken and he subsitutded a ring instead until I could get it repaired. Though I don't remember seeing that in the auction, but its been months so I'm probably wrong. However, I am starting to get very suspicious of its authenticity. I have never had anything rejected from repairs from Vuitton (I love fixing up the old vintage styles) and this was rejected.
    Im afraid they were trying to nicely let me know that it was a fake (I'm not a regular since I order my vuitton through eluxury). However, it could be real and I don't want to hurt feelings because I see often when someone says an alva, poupette, or let-trade (who this seller is definately not, I love let-trade) is selling a fake, often they are mistaken and it just causes problems when people alert those sellers and the sellers are mad at the poster. So I was wondering if some honest trustworthy people would pm me who have somewhat expert knowlege in vintage vuitton, and I will pm back pictures.
  2. Can you post pic's of this bag..
  3. PMed you
  4. Now I am paranoid. I never bothered to check my bag bought off eBay because it was from a reputable reseller....
  5. Thank you to everyone who pmed. I am hoping that I'm just being newbieish to vuitton and its legit for the sellers sake.
  6. So you gave the bag to LV to have it repaired? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't they've let you know that it's fake and kept the bag?
  7. What do you mean by a "verified" seller?
  8. Have you had it verified by LV?