I think I found the perfect laptop bag!!!!

  1. I was browsing the Japan website, (since I'm stuck in bed sick) and I think I found the PERFECT bag for my laptop. I'm going to call JAX tomorrow and see if it's available to order yet. yayyyyyyy

  2. That does look like it would be a perfect bag for a laptop. Let us know if you can get it!
  3. Awesome, Candace, but not awesome you are sick! I hope you feel better SOON, which will be aided by JAX telling you that the bag is available :smile:
  4. Just please don't tell me this is available with pink on it! :drool: Feel better soon girlie!
  5. yes please tell me not in pink i might have to get it for my new laptop too!!! Feel better soon!!
  6. Ohhhh nice! PLEASE DO tell me if it comes in pink, hehe. It's cute and I need a new bag for my laptop. Get well!!!
  7. No no no! I do not need to be enabled again *puts fingers in ears* "la la la la la" :roflmfao:
  8. Yes that would be perfect!!! How much and what colors? Get better soon!
  9. Just checked Japan's site and it only appears that it's available in the brown! Whew! The brown is nice but not a must have for me. Now in the pink, uh-oh!