I think I found my next true love....

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  1. I can not stop thinking about the Tahitienne in Pink. I saw last night IRL and it was the perfect size. It looked so cute for summer. :girlsigh:I must admit that the majority of this seasons bags haven't really caught my attention. I didn't think I would like the Tahitienne either. But, as soon as I put it over my shoulder I couldn't help but think to myself 'what a great summer bag'. I didn't bother looking at the price because I figured it would be too much. Looking online this morning I realized that it was only $1000! I know - I know, LV has me pretty jaded to think that $1000 isn't that much. But, I was expected it to be atleast $1500.

    While I was there I also checked out the leather Mahina's. They had XLs in both Black and Metallic. I was surprised that I didn't really like them. Even the XS, which they had in both black denim and black leather, wasn't really as adorable as I thought it would be. This was probably because the Tahitienne was smack dab in the middle of them and all I could think about was summer and my upcoming trip to Hawaii.

    The Richard Price joke bags were in the front of the boutique and we so much cuter in real life. I loved the texture and exotic handles. They are a little over the top for me but I can see why people would be attracted to them. Even hubby made a comment about how 'that would be a bag I could see celebrities wearing'.

    There were two Monogram Tisse bags. They weren't quite my style either. The aged look was pretty neat though.

    Now I officially have an HG! If I didn't have a vacation coming up I would certainly be scrambling to save money in order to bring her home. I hope that no one finds her attractive and she sticks around for a while. ;)
  2. I can see why you found the Tahitienne beautiful!! I agree, it would be a great summer bag!
    However, $1000 for untreated canvas.. just not sure it would hold up for years kwim?
    BUT, I could so see that bag in Hawaii!!! Oh my!
    Where are you going? I absolutely loved Maui.. I hope to go back someday, it was my favorite vacation ever!! Take lots of pictures!!!
  3. I loved the Tahitienne when I saw the pics,can't wait to see it IRL.
  4. I love the look of it. Reminds me a lot about retro/summer. Hopefully soon you can acquire it.
  5. Looks really cute for summer...and I love the color. The price just seems kind of high to me!
  6. I JUST bought the Beige one in the smaller size!LOVES IT!I had to order it over the phone cuz mySAKS LV boutique SOLD MINE before I got to pick it up!(HOW ANNOYING!)...Im picking it up this weekend....its rung up and waiting for me so I cant wait to bring it home!LOL!I may get the matching flipflops too but Im unsure as they r a tad "busy" for me..hehe
  7. I have the beige one and it is the perfect summer bag!!!!
    I love it!:love:
    I can't wait for the warmer weather to start to use this baby!
    I love that it doesn't scream LV.
  8. I'm dying to get my hands on one! its such a beautiful bag. I'm just concerned at how dirty it could get in the summer and with the canvas?? anyone know first hand?

  9. OMG they have matching flip flops?! :nuts: I live out of flip flops. Where can I find a pic?
  10. We are staying at The Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas North. I bring my digital camera with me everywhere! It's going to be non stop pics. lol
  11. As you said "Summer Bag", have you checked this out? Indiand Scarf summer bag of Hermes ...it is quite in the same price as Tahitianne. Tahitianne is nice, though.....just would like you to compare with some other to make sure of it. Good Luck!
  12. yes, it's a Beautiful summer bag.
  13. great summer bag it's sooo cute can't wait to see it IRL .... have fun in Hawaii the resort sounds great
  14. It would be a great summer bag ... unfortunately we are going into winter here so no point in buying a light coloured bag now ... have a great holiday:tup:
  15. That is a yummy bag... :drool: