I think i found my HG bag!!

  1. I have been lusting after the modern chain flap bag in black ever since hikarupanda posted about hers back at the beginning of 2006. i thought they were all sold out, and i was focused on reissues anyway, so i didn't pursue it. Then i was out of the "chanel" loop last year so i didn't realize that they had done them again but in slightly shinier leather and hardware. finally after seeing all the other tpf'ers have such amazing luck finding their dream bag, i decided to make some calls myself. well, the mc flap in black from 2006 (which is about $150 less than the 2007 version) is on its way to me... I should have it by friday. i'm so excited because i just love how gritty and rocker-ish it looks! My SA said she could probably get the shinier version for me, but i think the matte leather/hardware is more my style. i've been searching around on the board for pics of the two different bags, and i think i made the right choice!
  2. Congratz on finding ur HG ambrose!
    Plz show pic when u get it!!
  3. congrats I actually talked to an SA about this line a few days ago, he said Chanel is definietly redoing the modern chain tote next season.
  4. Congratulations Ambrosered.....please post pics when you get your HG!!!
  5. will do! it's much smaller than what i would normally carry, but i think it's a nice low-stress bag for going out!
  6. Yeah, please post pics. Congrats on it!
  7. Congrats...can't wait to see pics~~
  8. Congratulations on finding your HG, that's gotta be the best feeling ever! Can't wait to see your pics!
  9. Could you guys clue me in to what HG means? Thanks.
  10. HG = holy grail
    I think we should get a list with all the abbreviations for everyone. I knew I was struggling with it in the beginning ;)
  11. ^Ah thanks!
  12. congrats on finding your HG bag!!! whoo hoo!!! i can't wait to see pics of your new bag!
  13. pics???:drinks::popcorn::drinkup:
  14. Awesome, I got the Modern Chain Hobo in black in the shinier one and I LOVE it!