I think I found my Alma...

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    No more sleepless nights :biggrin:
    I think I will get the Alma in Damier!

    I never considered this bag so have not tried in IRL (only tried epi).

    What do you think of my choice? I'm small framed (5'0, size 0 (sometimes 00). Could I pull this off?

    Anyone have modeling pics? Tried to search but could not seem to find any.

    Thanks all!
  2. I think it's perfect! A true classic that can be dressed up or down. For me it's too small, but I'm plus size, on you it will be great!
  3. Gorgeous Bag if I didn't already have the Trevi I'd be all over it!
  4. have you considered other almas? how about the mono? too much vache maybe. damier is worry free for sure but it looks really mature to me. I guess it would depend on the person though. def try it irl.
  5. Alma in Damier is a perfect choice :tup: !! and please don't forget to post some pics here when you got it :P.
  6. I love the Alma in Damier.
  7. Thanks for your thoughts...

    Phedre..ability to dress up or down is always a criteria for me, as my wardrobe is very mixed up that way (I go from rocker chick to business suits lol)

    Heychar...love the Trevi but I still cannot think about bags over 1K...alma is barely over so I'm slowly getting there :biggrin:

    Louis & Mark....I considered getting a dark-patina'd Mono but the vachetta bottom still worries me. I guess you could consider me mature in age (turned 40) this year LOL. Still 20 in spirit though (hence the rocker chick) :biggrin:

    Redenkeew....I will definitely post pics...I have to get an azur piece first (will definitely buy this brand new), but I wanted to make up my mind on the Alma so I can grab one if a preloved one comes along.
  8. I think you made an excellent choice. Mono or Damier, you could not go wrong either way. I too want an Alma. We would love to see modeling pics of you and your Alma. These Alma's are the perfect size for you.
  9. Thanks Fashion_Mom1 I love that it's such a classic.

    Puzzlenop...I'm really excited to try this IRL. I forgot I did try the Mono, but that time I was buying my Mono speedy, so I stuck with that plan.
    Can't wait for you to get yours too!
  10. i think its a great choice! can't wait to see pics! i'm also size 0, and personally, i love the look of bigger bags on small frames! definitely post modeling pics once you get it!
  11. Hope you will post pics!
  12. I'm a size 0 and love my damier Alma. It's a wonderful bag. I think it's the best Alma out there. I personally don't like epi. Looks like corrugated cardboard. The damier Alma is classy and beautiful, reasonably priced and will last you forever!
  13. I think it's a good choice :smile:
  14. Great choice. The Alma is a classic and with Damier you won't have to worry about the bottom.
  15. I think you made an excellent choice.
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