I THINK i found a steal...

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  1. Crazy prices. Not quite sure if it's real though.
  2. Can't be real - wish someone would prove me wrong.
  3. no there not real :sad:
  4. Those MJ bags look fake to me, but good fakes. For example, the Ferrari red is suppose to have blue topstitching but the description and photos show red topstitching. The Cammies have huge flap pockets too, which is not correct.
  5. mmmm..... is this another fakebags website promotion that keeps popping up here?

    Please stop !!! We don't buy fakes here.
  6. Good catch! Looks like the Sofa King fairy needs to pay another visit...
  7. Definitely not real. That website sells high priced fakes!
  8. I would stay away from them. Too good to be real.
  9. With a fake fake here and a fake fake there. Here a fake, there a fake every where a fake fake......

    Well, you catch my drift.;)
  10. thanks all!! DEF not promoting fakes...love bags, hate fakes, hate to pay retail...fine line to tow:smile:
  11. What's unusual about this fakes site is that when you go to the "About Us" section, the fine print actually guarantees authenticity. Usually, when sites sell fakes, they word their descriptions very carefully so as to make it clear that they are selling replicas but only if you read extremely thoroughly. On the plus-side, they do claim to offer a 100% money back guarantee if you buy from them and you discover your item is not authentic but I suspect that money is not so easy to collect.
  12. ^^^Call the toll free number they have at the top of the page. :roflmfao:

    I stand by my original tune.