I think I finally conquered the premier designer disease!

  1. I know which one you're talking about! If you have Peek and Cloppenburg in your city you should go there or get one from appropos website. I'm also in Germany by the way!
  2. Trust me, premier designer =/= better quality (at least not all of the time). For many brands out there, it seems that premier simply means "more expensive" not necessarily "better".

    Congrats on your purchase! I'm sure you will enjoy it. I have a VERY loved, VERY used "non-premier" bag that has been in heavy rotation for a year and a half, and it still looks almost new.
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  6. Congrats on your purchase! I also recently bought a MK bag as well (see my signature). And I love it - even though it's an off-white leather, it's probably the most practical bag I have. I toss it around, it's been in the rain, it's even survived pen marks, and it has tonnes of pockets. I've actually been using it the past few days instead of my suede PS1 because of the rainy weather.

    I was turning into a premier designer snob, but I stopped turning that way when I couldn't find any purse I loved after I bought my PS1 - except the MK bag. I'd forgotten that that great purses can come from any line, from any store. Now I remember!
  7. Glad you've opened up.

    As for me, I never had the premier designer disease, so I couldn't tell you about my conquering it.
  8. The DKNY moment has passed, dangerouscurves! I'm happy with my Warehouse satchel and I'm on a bag ban. This is a bit easier than it sounds. Great bag stores in the west of Ireland are few and far between!
  9. I always end up going back to Gerard Darel. :shrugs: Nothing decadent at all, the designs just work and I LURVE them. :heart:
  10. The one difference I've seen personally, in buying designer vs. premier designer, is the finish of the bag. Aside from the drastic price difference, believe it or not, many of the designer bags that are quite reasonably priced are treated to resist water whereas I found the very costly premier designer bags are not. I have major issues with this because I don't like to have to ponder which bag to put on int he morning based on the weather conditions but rather the outfit I pick. I must reiterate and say, not all, but many of the premier based bags have this issue. An exception that I know of is the fjord leather Hermes and Loro Piana use but they are quite heavy!
  11. BgaHolic, you are so true. I bought a Celine bag last week and now the corners are already dirty and I got grease stain all over the bag. I bought a DKNY bag yesterday and I did some oil test on it and there's no oil stain at all!!! Go figure!
  12. DKNY is a great brand. Only had one bag, but I still have the DKNY wallet my husband bought me several years ago. It's still as good as new. The only reason I no longer have my DKNY bag is because I ended up unintentionally destroying it in a store. I was waiting in line to buy something and then when I reached the counter I couldn't get the bag open as something had got stuck in the zip. I ended up giving the zip pill an almighyt tug. I got the bag open but it was a write-off afterwards. My own stupid fault and I kicked myself.
  13. I have been using my Gerard Darel 24-heure from 5 years ago which I still :heart:! Nice simple feminine-looking bag which serves as my 'workhorse'. I have actually received more compliments on that bag than any other bag.
    But I still drool over Prada & Chanel;)
  14. When I only owned a few premiere designer bags, I would always go back and forth from ONLY carrying high-end bags, to sometimes switching to Coach and Dooney and other lesser brands for periods of time. It's weird, but I would go through phases where I would LOVE Coach and buy tons of Coach stuff, while my LVs would just sit... It wouldn't be a problem for me, and I wouldn't think twice about my little phases...

    Now, lately, for like the past year...I'm strictly premiere! I tried to use a few of my lesser bags, but that only lasted like a day! I'd always switch back to LV or Gucci the next day. I don't know what I should do...? I was thinking of selling my lesser bags to fund an amazing high end bag, but I don't know if I can part with them... I do love looking at them and they ARE gorgeous bags. I'm waiting for my high end phase to dissipate, and maybe one day I'll use my other bags again... But I don't know? This has been going on for over a year... Will I ever use them again??
  15. Great post!!! I have SUCH a hard time finding bags that I totally LOVE anymore! It seems like when you make premier bags your only mindset, there's no more fun in it anymore. You don't get that wonderful excitement of buying a new bag anymore, because you already have so many great bags...it's hard for it to be special to you anymore...

    I think I totally ruined myself w premier designer bags... That excitement is never there and I'm never totally satisfied w my collection, either, even though I got TONS of great bags...