I think I did something good just now. =)

  1. I was looking through Ebay to see if there were any great Balenciaga finds when I saw this auction:

    eBay: Auth. Balenciaga Indigo Blue-City Motorcycle Bag N/R!!! (item 250036616490 end time Oct-06-06 18:03:25 PDT)

    I immediately contacted her and told her it was a fake and directed her to ateliernaff. She emailed me back and thanked me for the info, then closed her auction! What a great, honest seller! I hope she gets her money back!

    Now back to Ebay!
  2. Good work, mas! One less fake on eBay to worry about!!!
  3. mas, you're a dear! Now let's hope she doesn't re-list it...
  4. Your good deed for the day!
  5. Good work Mas!
  6. Good job but I don't believe for a minute that she didn't know it was fake.