I think I closed a deal because of my bag...

  1. As many of you are aware, my Extra Courier has been the source of at least one issue at work. However, today, I think my bag may have helped closed a deal with a client!

    I was in my office when a client stopped by unexpected for a visit. She walked into my office and pulled up a chair -- well the chair is typically the chair I use to "house" my bag....you can't just go and throw a $1K bag on the floor!

    Well, she stopped in her tracks and asked "Is that REAL Balenciaga?" I responded that it was and she went on and on about how her husband won't let her get one because they are so expensive -- I laughed and told her that I splurged and am eating ramen to pay for mine.

    As we continue to chat, she mentions that she initially stopped by to tell us that she was considering another marketing group to do her business with but she would have to reconsider if for nothing else to get tips on how to woo her hubby into getting her a B-Bag.

    That was at 11:30am this morning -- before I went home at 6pm, I got an instant message from one of the VPs telling me that we booked an incremental stream of $25K of business from this woman -- while it is less than what we typically do with her company, its better than the zero we thought we were going to get. On her order form, she wrote that she looked forward to working with me in the future.

    I find it odd in that we spoke nothing about business, she was ready to walk away from us last week and today, we booked a decent chunk of change from her.

    I am starting to think that my B-Bag is my lucky charm -- if you can have a lucky charm that is the equivalent of buying 800 rabbit's feet or 2,000 four leaf clovers....

    But then this has me thinking -- has a bag (B-Bag or not) ever elicited a random act of kindness or good fortune for you? If so, share your story.....
  2. First: Congratulations on achieving success at work!! Sounds like you charmed your client with the same finesse it takes to care for your Bbag~

    That being said....

    I have gotten a great "reserved" corner seat at a booked restaurant on Friday night because I let the Host try on my gbag in the bathroom~ She was contemplating between RH and GH...

    I felt like I was in SATC!!!
  3. Yay! Congrats! Sweet story :smile: It's funny isn't it, that people always ask if it's real...

    I'm glad your real deal - got you a great deal :yahoo: Maybe your boss will consider a Bbag bonus??
  4. That is a cool story, funny how things happen sometimes, eh? Congrats on the business deal and your lucky bbag charm! I hope my bbags will bring me luck unexpectedly sometime like yours did! : )
  5. hahahaha.... HHHMMM..... "DEAR MOM, ......................blah blah business investment, and THAT's why i need a new bbag...":devil:
  6. What a great story! Congratulations!

    I don't have any because I think I am the only person around here who carries Balenciaga or even knows what it is.
  7. lol your boss should give you bonuses in Balenciaga. Improve sales and have spoiled & happy employees!
  8. That is a funny story. Congrats on the deal. I dont have any stories yet but hopefully she(black city) brings me some good luck.
  9. ITA:yes:

    Great story!
  10. Really pleased for you.
  11. I could sure use some good luck!! Can I borrow your bag??? :p
  12. GO CLAKE76!! :jammin:
  13. Yay, Clake! You're back with another story!
    I am always intrigued by your work/Bal stories!
  14. I love it! And CONGRATS on the sale!
  15. That is a most excellent story! Karma! :graucho: