I think I caught the Azur fever

  1. I HATED the Azur line when it came out. I even made fun of it. My SA and I even joked how it was very St. Tropaz Trophy Wife..... I now want an Azur Speedy 30 really bad. What's wrong with me? LOL :push:
  2. nothings wrong with you! it's an alluring pattern! Go get one Allison! (obviously I'm stuck on this pattern)

    it's waaaaaaaaaay pretty!
  3. everyone here has a azur speedy now =( i wanted one before too, but i don't want it now cause everyone is carrying one around, too common, probably cause its new and spring...
  4. A pic- the 30 with a cles (and a textbook to size it up)
    (yep- too paranoid stil about the super pale vachetta- my SM and Applegarde come in this week- still need to decide!)


  5. Whatever is wrong with you is totally contagious.........
    I now need an azure speedy too.
  6. I already have the damier speedy 30, so the size is great. I just think the damier brown is too dark and I'm starting to fall for the Azur colors. I know my SA will think I'm joking when I inquire about it.
  7. Hey allison!
    your too funny! Sounds like we "were" on the same thinking pattern.:roflmfao:

    Now look at me!:nuts: You've got to get one they are hot!!

  8. Lol Taco!! Get it Get it!!!:nuts:
  9. ^---- ranskimmie--THAT'S TDF! I've been wanting to get one of those!
  10. Oh thanks Frozen! Its such a fun piece and I get tons of compliments.:wlae:
  11. I bet! I just bought a bandeau for mine! now I need to learn how to tie a pretty bow like the petit noe bow from yesterday---
  12. Kimmie!! that's so cute :push: why, why did I pass on that pastilles?? I lack forsight :sad:
  13. Here is something to feed your fever :graucho:
    Azur family.jpg
  14. is it just me, or are the attached images just coming up blank? No links are showing up.
  15. Heya Taco!! Are the pastilles no longer available?:sad:
    Allison Im not sure why your not getting the images, they are all coming up on my end:confused1: