i think i bought a fake?

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  1. Okay so my black gallery pouch w/the double pockets (I stole a pic from eBay &attached it if you dont know what im talking about) came today. My mom got the mail before me so she opens it up and the first thing she says to me is "DID YOU ORDER THIS!? ITS FAKE!!!! IF YOU WANTED A FAKE BAG JUST GO TO THE FLEA MARKET. ITS SMALL AND THERES NO PATCH INSIDE!!! ITS FAKE! U BETTER EMAIL THE SELLER RIGHT NOW!" So my question is....is it supposed to have a patch inside??? I cant seem to find any pics of the inside of the bag on eBay. Please tell me that it isnt supposed to have a patch on the inside or else I think Im going to cry :crybaby:
  2. do u have pics of the actual bag you bought? i'm not sure that that one would have a patch, but post pics and we can be sure
  3. nm
  4. ALL questions of authenticity need to be posted in the authenticate this! sticky at the top of the page. thank you!
  5. do the c's on it look just exactly like this?


    except black of course (this is the coach pic from the DD)
  6. Oh hun I'm so sorry :sad: As a general rule, yes, Coach bags have a patch inside-- a creed. See the picture attached below. I'm sure there are exceptions, but for that bag in particular... I'm afraid it should definitely have a creed inside it.

  7. that's not true

    many of the smaller coach bags and some wristlets and pouches don't have creed patches. don't tell her it's fake when we haven't seen any pics or anything (didn't you just buy your first bag like yesterday!)!
  8. It's probably not fake. That bag does not have a creed.
  9. yes, i know it should but i also have another coach bag that i bought directly from coach that doesnt have a patch on the inside.
  10. yup! i own several coach bags...my mom owns NONE. to me the bag looks fine its just that theres no patch inside. oh and my camera needs to be charged but ill try and take pics with my sidekick.
  11. It should have a black cotton lining. No creed. Actually, on that one, if it did have a creed i'd be screaming fake! :smile:
  12. sounds real to me!!! good job!
  13. Cosmetic Pouches (which is what that is considered) do not have creeds. Most swing packs don't either, because again - they are considered accessories and not handbags.

  14. :yes: :yes: :yes:
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