I think I bought a fake spy...

  1. but I'm not entirely sure. :wtf::confused1::sad:

    So I need help from those who own a spy... is the hologram logo a sticker, or is it sewn onto the tag attached inside the bag? On my bag, the hologram is a sticker than can be pulled off (if I tried hard enough - it's very sticky). I've checked some of the authentic bags on Ebay for pictures of the hologram, but none of the pictures are conclusive. :shrugs:

    Can anyone help me? I'll post pictures of it later cos I don't have my camera at the moment.
  2. Pictures would really help, but I don't think you're supposed to be able to take the hologram off like a sticker.
  3. Here's a pic of the hologram (forgive the bad nails - I'm in despite need of a manicure! :P)

    The first picture shows how it looks like from a distance.. pretty ok.
    But when you touch it... (2nd picture), you can see the hologram is nothing but a sticker and I'm lifting it up.
    CIMG1239.JPG CIMG1240.JPG
  4. More pictures of the bag... I'm beginning to think it's a total fake, after looking more closely at the dustbag. The bag itself looks fine (but I'm not a spy expert so I can't really tell about the leather)

    However.. there's a funny smell coming from it. A little leather-y smell.. but not the kind that makes you wanna take an extra whiff.

    Your verdict, ladies? :sad:
  5. the hologram shouldn't come off coz its like superglued to the tag (in a very neat way). the codes 4 digits-6 digits-3 digits-3 digits (im not sure if that goes for every bag though). it should smell a little leathery but not overpowering, and the feel of the leather should be like butter. very soft and nice. i hope this helps.
  6. Pyrexia,your are correct, this bag is appears to be a fake. The texture of leather on the bag is wrong & the braided handle are wrong (they don't seem to have edges), the internal metal tag isn't right (it's not neatly stiched or flushed), the internal serial numbers aren't Fendi font and are not deep enough. Also, in my experience, real Fendi bags don't have Fendi hang tags, ever. Can you get a refund? If you paid by Paypal and it's under the limited amount, they can help. If you don't have access to real Fendi bags, study them on Neiman Marcus.com (enlarge the photos). Once you look at enough real ones, you know instantly. Hope this helps.
  7. If you sit there and pick at it (i don't know why anyone would) the sticker can come off. It's just glued on. But it would take a lot of scratching for it to start to peel off.
  8. I just looked closer at your pictures, and the sides of the spy bag should fold in. It should be more clumsy, not so stiff. But the sides fold in on authentic spy bags. Sorry! You should try to get a refund.
  9. Do you mean the "thorn-like" things on the handles? If so, they are there on the bag. The photos don't show them closely cos I didn't think to focus on that.

    What are handtags? That yellow one attached to the bag?

    Thanks for the help! :P
  10. Thanks for your help! :P
    I'm going to email the seller, and hopefully I can get a refund.
  11. Definitely request a refund. The bag is a replica
  12. pyrexia, sorry to say this but it's a fake fake fake. EVERY SINGLE THING on that bag is soo wrong, plus Fendi NEVER have a yellow tag hanging on their bags :yes: Hope you can get your refund immediately.
  13. Yeah, sorry, but your bag is definitely 100% fake. Fendi never produced a spy in that style - and the yellow hang tag is a dead giveaway that it's a fake.
  14. Hi, yes the yellow Fendi hang tag is wrong, wrong, wrong. That only comes on replicas.:sad:
  15. The tag is already a dead give away and the texture...