I think I bought a fake(?) Lanvin sold as Real...I'm so sad!

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  1. Since I am still fairly new around here, I wasn't sure where to list this item, BUT...I just received a Lanvin credit card/business card wallet today in the mail and I am fairly sure that it is a complete fake...I don't want to get anyone in trouble, but can't imagine this "authentic" Lanvin to be plastic-ey like it is! (it is REALLY cheap/clearly plastic) :tdown:


    Can anyone please help me? So sorry if this is in the wrong place, and please feel free to re-direct me! Thanks! :love:
  2. have u emailed the seller?
  3. Definitely e-mail the seller first and if that does not help contact Paypal and your credit card company. There are many threads on the order of doing things.
  4. The seller doesn't even know if it's genuine she got it as a gift. Isn't there a store you can go to to look at another one to compare?
  5. The seller says it was a gift from somewhere. I wouldnt believe anyone would sell a Lanvin item at that price if it was authentic...nor do i think Lanvin would mass produce wallets for freebies...sounds fishy.
  6. I totally agree. The seller never guaranteed authenticity too.
  7. He swore it was real, but when it arrived, it was very clearly not leather or anything other than plastic. I gave him positive feedback, but when I filled in the detailed seller's ratings, I clicked on the lowest possible rating. Then eBay popped up with a "why" kind of thing, and one of the choices was "Item is replica or fake" so I clicked that...eBay can watch him from now on. I hate to get burned, but at least I didn't get burned on a MAJOR PURCHASE like a $1200 Chanel bag! Live and Learn...it will become his problem when the KARMA POLICE come knocking on his door!
  8. UPDATE: My good friend Troy thought it was THE CUTEST wallet and it was his birthday last Friday night, so guess what he got for his birthday present?? Hehe...he loves "fabulous fakes" anyways...oh well...Live and Learn!
  9. ups sorry old thread i thought it was 2009
  10. "Getting as a gift" is a big red flag that it is fake. That way the sellers get off the hook for "not Knowing" it is fake. If you check it out, there are thousands of 'I got this as a gift' from cheapo wallets to Hermes bags costing thousands of $..:graucho:
    And yes it does look like this thread is a year old!!!Duh....