I think I bought a fake Juicy :(

  1. I won this bag: eBay: Rare Authentic Juicy Handbag (item 330088169678 end time Feb-19-07 13:00:49 PST)
    a couple weeks ago and recently recieved it. I have several Juicy bags and this one even feels like it lacks the quality of my other bags. The stamped "shop" "hello" and "i am the fairest" are not embossed into the fabric like my other purses, the leather does not say "100% cowhide" but "genuine leather" instead, and the leather does not feel nearly as soft. I confronted the seller about the possibility of it being fake and she was very rude to me and insisted that she bought the purse at Saks a couple of years ago and that it is real. She said Juicy has just since changed the way they make their purses since then. Could this be true? I am at a loss here. The purse also came to me with several dirty spots and stains on it which she neglected to tell me about. I'm just very unhappy and hope that I can have this issue resolved soon.

    My question is: Does anyone know if Juicy had changed the way they make their purses in the last couple of years? Does anyone own this style that may be able to compare with me so we can see any similarities/differences? Was I wrong to confront the seller about my skepticism? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! :heart:
  2. Well, from personal experience, I highly DOUBT that Juicy has started making bags of poorer quality materials. You might never find out. Ihope you got it for a good price at any rate, so you don't have to feel so bad about it maybe being a fake. It's pretty common to get fakes from eBay so if I buy a bag on there I never pay more than $30-40. You just can't trust people, isn't that so sad ??
  3. OK I just looked at the Juicy bag I carried today. I bought it myself from Bloomingdale's a couple of years ago. It says 100% genuine leather on the tag, and the "shop" "hello?" etc. are not embossed onto the pockets, just printed in black.
  4. PS: Just looked at the auction itself. Everything looks EXACTLY like the inside of MY bag.
  5. I'm not an expert on Juicy Couture but I do have two leather bags (both bought from reputable stores) and the inside of mine looks just like yours. Your bag looks pretty legit, I've seen fake JC and they always look obviously fake.