I think I am scarf impaired.

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  1. Maybe I just don't have the kind of face and figure that can pull this look off, or maybe I'm just not doing it right. I think I'm too fat. :sad:

    Whatever it is, it is not cute.

    My De Tout Coeur is just too stiff or something. I have tried several different techniques to tie it and it just looks so...poofy. This is even after rinsing it.

    Maybe I am just not destined to wear scarves? :shrugs:
  2. OC, have you tried the softer, 70cm scarves? I find them much easier to wear.
  3. ocmommy,

    I am a disaster with scarves as well, but it hasn't stopped me from buying them. I just love how beautiful they look, especially when I am not wearing them. I need to experiment more and spend more time learning how to tie those darned things...

    For now, I am just happy that I own them....
  4. You can still enjoy them as a scarf for warmth under a coat, as a belt, twilly wrapped around your wrist, scarf tied around a handbag. They're not just for your neck! experiment more!
  5. I've had scarves that were stiff and practically unwearable. I washed the scarf and it made a big difference. So I suggest having it cleaned or washing it yourself. There is a good thread on washing I think by Guccigal.
  6. Lol, I know exactly how you feel. That's how I was when I got my first two scarves- they were just so stiff and big and square and intimidating. Of course, now that I've had some practice and I'm used to wearing them I just throw them on and anything smaller just feels...well, wrong :upsidedown: Keep at it, I'm sure you'll discover a favourite way to wear them soon enough :tup: Plus the more you use the suckers the softer they get.
  7. Don't get discouraged! I was so worried I couldn't wear them either! I'm 5ft and one quarter of an inch tall...and I ain't skinny either! But, I LOVE scarves and wear them whenever I can!..Even with my chubby double chins! Have faith and keep fiddling with 'em! I started out with a really simple tie...a square knot...away from my neck and I loved it. Then I snagged a scarf ring, and then another...and now I'm always looking for way to add a scarf to an outfit!

    Best of luck!
  8. I've been collecting and wearing H scarves for years and the good news about the stiff ones is that they really do soften with wear! Truly, I don't like them when they are stiff but unfortunately H manufactures some that are. But if I like the pattern I keep working with it. Try more tying ideas. Rose gave a link to her scarf tying blog which is full of the very best tying techniques. Try some and I'll bet you will find a bunch you'll love.
  9. I wear my scarves mostly over my hair or as hairbands. For the carres, ( when I want to wear them around my too-short neck) I fold them in towards the center(bias?) to get a long strip.

    Next, I twist (and sometimes knot) them along the length.

    Finally, once I have this knotty-scarf-snake, I tie it as low as possible on my chest.

    Maybe this is scarf abuse:s:lol:, but I really like the longer necklace-y effect. I do this usually before I tie a hairband too.
  10. Besides As A Shawl Or A Scarf Under A Warmer Coat......I Mostly Wear In My Hair & On My Bags:yes:

    ***:heart::heart::heart: Rose's Pictures....Always Perfection
  11. I think I am scarf impaired too! But I am getting courage from all the posts here. Keep trying -- I bet you look terrific.
  12. OC...I once got a scarf that was so stiff it could stand by itself in the middle of the room. In fact I had to give that thing a good washing about three times before it would drape.......so sometimes you really have to dunk it before the sizing loosens up. And once it does, try making a large triangle and then bunch it up on the long side a little bit and drape it on you without making a big deal of it.....you don't need to do fancy knots and bows.....just sort of drape it around your neck and shoulders loosely. See if that works a little better.

    I know that once I stopped trying to tie these things like they do in the scarf booklets I was much better off.........on me, it usually came out looking too contrived. KWIM? Just tossing it on willy-nilly worked out much better for me and I suspect you may be the same way......
  13. You need to look at the kama sutra guide to scarves thread!! Worked wonders for me. I too was clueless about how to tie them (and left handed to boot. Had to reverse everything!) I started with my few new unused scarves, now I can't buy enough! Just look, study, and take the time to experiment. I am not thin by a long long shot, but I think a scarf gives any outfit a nice finish.