I think I am in love..........

  1. with epsom leather.................

    althought I am a huge lover of togo...I think I have fallen in love with epsom.........

    and particularly gold with gold hardware in epsom.........

    do you think I am insane?

    I told DH out of the blue during dinner tonight and he rolled his eyes.... and said "Not again!:cursing: "

    should I just keep my mouth shut?

    anyone have some H porn in epsom I can stare at?:drool:
  2. I have got here Kelly 28 and my Evelyn GM both in Epsom...
  3. Here's my 35 bluejean Trim II in epsom:

    trim II bluejean 35.jpg
  4. Wow, i just realize how different the Kellys look in retourne vs sellier (sp??).
  5. yeah it's night and day..............
  6. A member showed her new credit card holder the other day - the colour was amazing in epson - blue jean. It was so lovely.
  7. Are these wonderful pictures helping or simply feeding your yearning . . .;) ?!
    I was just looking at the leathers last night and has sort of decided that my next Birkin would be in Epsom leather!!
  9. Wow, Checkmate, your Kelly is beautiful! Is Epsom hard-wearing/ scratch-proof/ water resistant?
  10. elizabethK, are you going to snap up that gorgeous, go-with-everything Gold Epsom Kelly?
  11. Here's a little red epsom for you! Rouge garance Paris Bombay PM. Pic taken in my purse closet - sorry it is so dark!

  12. She sure is pretty...love the bombay! Epsom takes color so nicely!