I think I am going to treat myself


Aug 20, 2014
Ok so i have been moving around my collection and a guy saw my speedy 30 Azur on ebay and he lived near me he came to my house and bought it yesterday ! ! ( that may be one i regret lol ) The thing is I now have quite a bit of LV money sitting so I am going to get a couple of items off my wish list and get new at LV. I sold all my Monogram so i need to get it back to 2 or 3 items that i love and I am now down to 2 Azur which i think is fine. I do have my speedy cube listed which is the last one i am selling but tell me friends.... will that be a regret? On the kind advice of everyone here I am going to get the new NF either Pivoine or Ballerine new, I decided against the V, I do like the Ikat but i hear it has issues.

I will reveal soon. I just had surgery on Tues and still feel woozy but I sure want to get to the store as soon as i can ! My collection looks thin ! LOL !

This is what I am down to..... OMG I have sold 7 bags the last 3 weeks. I'm hoping once i add from my wish list ( below) I have a nice collection.

Alma Vernis Rouge Grenadine PM
Eva Damier Azur
Delightfull MM Azur
Keepall 55 Monogram
Speedy 35 Damier Ebene
Speedy 35 Aquarelle Watercolor
Speedy 30 cube in Black.
Emilie wallet Monogram.
Sarah wallet Damier Azur.
Poche toilette 26 Monogram.
Poche toilette 19 Monogram
Louis Vuitton Charm.

Chanel gold flap caviar.

Wish list...

LV Gaia
LV kimono
LV Neverfull MM
LV favorite mm
Prada cuir
YSL tassel clutch
LV Pegase
LV nice vanity.