I think I am going to switch my small Rock Vinyl for the medium size lol!

  1. Boy am I one mixed up crazy girl hahaha :p

    I have been playing around at home with my small vinyl and I absolutely love the bag and it does fit everything. The problem though is when I take something out of the bag and everything inside gets all messed up, it's a big pain. I'm thinking of those days when I am in a rush and all of that. I was going to maybe buy a new smaller wallet to better fit the bag, but the cost of what that will be would be the same thing if I just bought the bag in the medium size. So I think that's what I am gonna do :yes:

    I really love the vinyl. I don't know why some people don't like it. I think it's soooo cute!
  2. Do you think it makes sense to do this instead of buying a new smaller wallet for over $500 bucks? Because the wallet I use now is totally fine...It's just rectangle shape, not square. :confused1: