I Think I am Going To Part W/ My FB GGh City, Advice??

  1. Hi Ladies, I love:heart: my Fb GGH city but I have the itch for a new HG... SO what should I do? Part with my woobie or keep it for a rainy day. What would you do??:shrugs:
  2. I'd keep it.

    Don't you want to "add" to your collection????
  3. woah!!! We're VERY strict about comments like the ones you made. . . . please do not even hint about buying or selling here:nogood:
  4. Please, talk me out of it though....:girlsigh:
  5. Yes, we are very strict about NOT selling and buying here. Those who do are banned from the site...not fun. So guys, please let's keep this thread helpful to tator...

    ...with that let's get back to the question at hand. I think that if you need to be convinced to sell it then it shouldn't be sold. Follow these simple rules and you should be ok:

    1) If I have to be convinced to sell it I shouldn't
    2) If I have to be convinced to buy it I shouldn't
    3) If I have to be convinced to keep it I shouldn't

  6. I don't think a FB bag will ever be an excess bag. My advice would be to keep it. Really.
  7. Great rule lordguinny... totally agree with that. tatertot whatever you decide take time and don't put presure on yourself.
    I have sold a couple of my b bags to add others or simply because I didn't use them until now I only regret selling one of them even if I know that it was the right thing to do.
  8. French Blue is such a stunning color! You should definitely keep it! But if you need to be talked out of selling, then don't sell it!
  9. I have a French Blue toilet, and really, it's such a stunning color, very vibrant. I'd keep it!
  10. That is really a great way to put it! So simple, yet such fantastic advice. Personally, I tend to get very sentimental about my bags and am not sure if I could ever sell one, but if you know you're not in love with it you might want to consider passing it on to someone who would be.
  11. See if you love it, then keep it, don't sell it because you want another, but if there is one you like more and don't love the fb anymore, then I'd sell it, problem is, you aren't likely to get another fb! people loved fb and BOUGHT it out!